Technological Infidelity

“I Do Not Know why they Trust me Dumb IdiotsMark Zuckleberg Founder of Facebook. 

Before 9/11 many Americans saw cell phones as a business expense and the majority only had a home phone. After 9/11 the fear of someone dyeing at any time took over and everyone bought a cell phone. We quickly realized we could figure out what our kids were doing and today we can track them to the very room they are in! You can even track your spouse and friends if you so choose too. 

I do not know about you but I find this new safety convenience annoying. Three years ago I got tired of owning a cell phone refused to continue my contract and threw my “stupid” phone into a tree. This year I fully liberated myself and I no longer have a “stalkbook” account. It is amazing how many people stop talking to you because you are not seeing their Facebook statuses. Everyone says just check out what I am doing on Facebook. No. Why don’t you call or write me? I have work and then stuff to do…of course you do.

Now we talk to people based off of convenience? People are not a commodity. We schedule in meetings, work, etc we do NOT schedule in Caring and Love. 

I hate going on a date and the couple next to me is taking photographs and loading their meal onto Instagram. Or seeing a photograph of the meal my cousin ate last week. It really does not matter. So you are showing me you eat an unhealthy diet, you do not care about privacy, you enjoy being stalked, and you want your boss to know that you are going to cost the company more insurance money. That is the only thing those Apps are good for. What ever happened to privacy?

We treat ourselves like we are our own Tropheys oh look at me! Look at my spouse! Look at my kids! No. Your kids do not get a choice in whether or not their childhood is advertised. What if those naked tub photos are hacked and posted to Google? A private account is never private. Right NSA? CIA? Fbi? ( whats up? A shout out to all of you I heard your working super hard!) What happens if a terrorist hacks your account and it shows you served in the military and suddenly they know who your kids and wife are and your entire family is kidnapped and held hostage for confidential high class information all because you publicly let everyone know who your exact family members are. Talk about Home Land Security. We need personal security. Come on troops you know about staying quiet about where you are and giving out your name! Why would you give out your family? Oh are you 17 with a pretty face? Barely legal? Okay so there is a pervert in India looking to sell you in an underground porn sex slave ring. Facebook is still cool right? 

Your child will always be embarrassed for life and most likely hate you by 25. Is showing off still awesome? 

I believe being into our electronics 24/7 is a form of infidelity. If you are in a relationship and you are always texting someone else, reading up on gossip, or posting your life pictures with every moment you are cheating. You are holding the electronic device as the most important thing in your life. I would rather see more hands being held then phones being held. 

I will not talk to someone who is on their phone in public. Even if I see texting back to back. I won’t talk to you. I think it is rude. By holding that phone out your body is telling me I do not need a friend, I do not want to talk with you, and I love stalking. That is how I feel about people I see on a bus, ferry, or walking down a street. 


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