Who really cares?

We have gone past the point in the United States where people are being directly persecuted as a whole for not being straight. Sure it does happen but someone who is transgender, gay or lesbian can typically walk down the street in peace. Sure people might stare a bit but that should not bug you. Especially if you are educated and okay with who you are. If you are not okay with who you are maybe you need to rethink your sexual preferences.

I understand in other countries you must either remain straight or single you do not get a choice. Look activists, we get it here in America. Everyone here understands we cannot mistreat others based on religion, sex, or race. If they do they deserve what happens to them. 

So why are we kicking people off TV for voicing their opinion? Unless we hear a public death threat on TV it should not be an issue. The issue of sexuality will not save the world. In fact it is a major distraction from what is important like free energy, curing disease, creating war resolutions, and understanding religious differences. 

If you get married good for you however your freedoms will not prevent GMOs from poisoning you and me. Please keep that in mind when you focus on the smaller issues. They are really only a distraction designed to control you and keep you in a fighting state of mind. If you are happy with who you are nothing else matters. 


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