Do you know why Diamonds are bought? People say well it represents eternal love and that I will always remember I am married and in love when I am out of my partner’s sight.

Sure that is the nice kind loving…ownership meaning?

Huh wait Ownership?

Yes I said Ownership

Whenever you see a celebrity wearing diamonds it means she is a prostitute to presidents and other world leaders like the Monarchy. Look around you. Look at the places the celebrities and the world leaders meet and look at what Taylor Swift and Marilyn Monroe wear for example.

See these musicians and movie screen performers only get one choice. They sign all their rights ALL of them for the gain of fame. Before you sign a contract you will be shown for a weekend what the life is like. A mansion, warm beach, lots of food, sexy people everywhere, primping, and lots of attention. Lots of free stuff.

The sell off is what they do not tell you. You are told what to wear down to what is in your closet. Yep even your underwear is picked out. You are told you cannot speak out.

How do they do this? When you sign a contract they will send out recruits or spies and take photographs of your children, spouse, mom, dad, pets anyone you love. One day when you are asked to sleep with someone you might say No. They understand No is never an option. See they will slam that photograph down on the table and say I know your loved ones………your body is a logo you lost your rights.

That is why you see random celebrities die or their families…

If you do not believe me watch the video. It explains the ownership side of things.

So now look into the symbolism of a diamond and ask who really owns you?


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