Ten reasons why your Child will Hate you at 18


1. Drug them up against their consent. You know how it goes Mom the medication is nasty! Dad I really need another vaccination? In ten years they are going to be extremely sick. Those vaccines are covered with cancer. Mereck and JC Penny are the same and they admitted to adding cancer to the polio vaccine. That is why so many of the baby boomers are currently in for Chemo. The medications are loaded with sterilization properties. Good luck Johnny trying to get your sperm to work when your 22 and you want a family! Your parents drugged you its not going to happen!

2. Ensure Hell and Heaven are it When Sally comes up to you in the middle of the night screaming about a person stabbing her ignore her and send her back to bed. Do not even think that she might be seeing a past life. Do you know children see their past lives BEFORE the age of six? So yes your child could have really been stabbed in another life. Ensure your child the only places you can go are heaven or hell that is it. That way they bury the memories they were born with however they are haunted for life by night mares and feelings they have no reason for explaining. Then by twelve you can pay for your children’s psychologist because you have no explanation for the anger. What if what you call the Imagination is real??

3. Force your Child to Eat Yep Obesity is high in the western world however other countries are starving so Timmy you must eat everything on your plate? But mom I do not want to eat the animal! You have to Timmy! But I am full! No you cant put it in the fridge for later and because mom and dad eat meat and want parasites in their blood and stomach sorry Timmy you are screwed for being born into a non vegetarian family!

4. Send your Child to Public School Do not let your child use his or her own brain. Do not let your child have imagination in fact it is best if your child goes into combat one day! So encourage your child to play sports so he or she learns that having personality is wrong and being an individual is bad. That way your child can carry that motto of TEAM into everyday life like the corporate world or the Military! If they cannot do that they must go to college! That way they can be secure into debt early and be a good slave! The Feds need you and your children. Wow this is sounding like a cow farm huh?

5. Force Your Religious Beliefs Do not expose your child to a variety of beliefs and cultures. In fact force the baby into Baptism as quickly as possible. No you do not get a choice in religion and belief because mom and dad know best because one of their ancestors walked with Jesus and knew him personally or whoever it is you worship. No you cannot encourage freedom of religious or spiritual choices. In fact please brainwash your child that their religion is the only way by the age of 6 that way he or she can be okay with brutality and war! After all YOUR religion is the only RIGHT one. In fact everyone else is a heathen and deserves a bomb dropped right?

6. Plaster that kids face all over FaceBook Congratulations mom you carried a healthy baby in the USA! What an accomplishment this day in age! No really it is! Because most babies are not even born and are miscarried and most adults now are sterile. So show off that pregnancy and brand new baby privies skivvies and all! That way when your kid reaches 17 his adult friends can laugh at what he may or may not be blessed with. Also the child porn people who are nerds will love hacking into your Facebook account without your knowledge and having a wonderful night at the costs of your own vanity! Good parenting!

7. Feed them GMOS Ensure that your Child will one day be obese and have some kind of freak skin condition or disease. I heard the shaved head look is in anyway. So why not ensure your child stays popular with the Chemo look!

8. Punish your Child for smoking weed No you are right Your child cannot possibly understand Science better then you and that he or she has a cannabinoid system! I mean only you can read on the internent and after all your child is in public school! So that schooling is the only schooling your kid will ever need to know! In fact ensure the cancer look by banning all Cannabis from your child!

9. Make up. Buy your child make up for Christmas that way she knows her natural beauty is not beauty at all and should be covered up! Even though she asks for it! No you cannot raise a secure adult this day in age by encouraging natural beauty!

10. Teach them to work: They must wake up go to school do chores and then sports homework and bed. There is no time for imagination you were only allowed that until Kindergarten! Because guess what when you turn 18 you do not get a break! You get to wake up and sit all day in a office and then you are so busy cleaning and cooking you only have time to sleep. On the weekends you must watch the sports game depriving your child of legitamite family experiences. So there is no time for creativity at all in the adult world so you do not need it now! In fact throw on Disney at night that way your kid learns how to party like a child then as he or she is introduced to adult situations in the teenage years he or she will want to get plastered! His weiner was already put up on FB by you when he came out of the womb. So who cares if your son or daughter are dry humping drunk? You already wrecked any kind of dignity that child could have had!

These tips will ensure that your child become the perfect slave and will hate you one day.


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