Do not fall for it…

Hello wonderful reader

Look their is a lot of bullshit going on in the news trying to separate all of us. Atheism is a very small thing only a small percent are actually atheists. Racism is actually a small issue. If you look on the street people are coming together as separate races in appreciation of each other’s heritage and cultures.

Please do not fall for what Fox News and CNN are reporting. Realize that the Quran stats that anyone who enters their holy land is an intruder. They can invite you but if you come onto the land uninvited they have a right to spark war according to their holy book. The only way to have peace is for everyone to leave the Middle East. If we leave them alone and we keep our words when it comes to fair trade they remain a very peaceful population.

Look you do not want you house blown up randomly in the middle of the night do you? You fear that deep down correct? Drones are a huge thing and it is a fear I have just being droned for speaking out. You think I am insane but Obama openly jokes constantly about droning people. I do not feel he is joking. However those fears of a simple drone strike are the least of my fears. That is a few seconds worth of pain before death. Cancer is years of potential pain. These people do not want to be blown up by us just like we do not want to be blown up by them. So the issues really lie with the world leaders. Not civilians themselves. We can all agree as civilians we do not want to die like that. So where is the war really? It is the one we create in our brains. The politicians simply use our ignorance against us. That is it. That way they can take control over everything. Because demons…I mean reptilians love doing that. They want all of you all of your gold, your soul, and your offspring.

It is through propaganda. Every time you hear someone famous go off about a religious, gay, racial, or whatever issue it is you can be assured it is to make money off of those people who are driven by the public’s goal to do good. To really do good is to listen with an open ear and heart and not judge. We need to understand each other and take pride in our own religion and race.

I am blonde hair and whiter then most white people I know. I cannot run like a African American, I do not have the Spiritual knowledge of a Native American, and I certainly cannot do the math that most Asians can do. I do not know the ancient knowledge and wisdom that those in the Eastern Religions possess. What I can do is stay warm in some freezing weather and I am very sensitive to the energies around me. However if I get to know those who possess the knowledge and skills I do not have I can learn a lot more. Why be a jellybean of what I naturally cannot do? We need the specific traits each person, religion, and culture provides us to build a better world.

 What good are we going to do by interbreeding and killing off the cultures we need to take pride in? What good are we going to do by blowing them up? What for? So we can all be the same.

Stop being the same. Stop conforming take the stupid make up off your face and stop trying to fit in. You are never going to be a Martha Stewart or a Kim Kardashian. You cannot party like Miley Cyrus without an STD or getting murdered because you owe the wrong group the wrong kind of money. Pay attention to where your gold goes and take care of our environment! Stop promoting useless stupid propaganda and stop being plastic! You are real and stand up for who you are! Stand up for your own color and take pride in it!



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