Do not think

Because it is cool
Do not think of consequences blood is now cool
Do not think of death life is short anyway
Live it while you can to the ultimate
Why think of Consequences
God loves all of his little children right?
So therefore you can just trash his creation he will make more
Do not think that fresh water and clean air are limited and gifts
Do not think that the earth is a living being
Forget that your soul is connected to mine even though I may never meet you in person
Forget that animals feel pain and bleed for your meat
Forget that your meat will cause you to be processed just like your hamburger was
Just live it all up like Miley
Slut it up like a Kardashian
Then sign up for food stamps and put another straw on the back of the worker
Take food from the mouths of his children to feed yours
Causing other kids to starve
While slaughtering the earth and native civilizations to grab the gold to put a ring on it
All to show that you are owned
By another man or woman
After all the size of the ring is what matters
size matters
bigger is better
You are broke anyway so who really cares?
Life is short anyway you are right why should you care?
Satan’s biggest scam is making you believe he is dead
and does not exist
When really he is the irresponsible ignorant and weak part of your mind
So continue living without consequences
put make up on that pretty face
make sure you cover up that truth
that is all of you
cover your body in sports logos
because now a team is all you are
the T.V. you scream at while your other half puts on her make up is all you are
Your children staring at their screens is all they are
and they will become like you
because this is all they know
What kind of future do you want?
One of more war or more death?
More pollution?
When will you put down the remote, junk food, and the drink?
When will you stop pasting your body and mind with logos and advertisements?
When will you be a healer of this planet instead of a destroyer?
When will you wake up?
Will your children remain as dazed as you are?
Would you dare put them in the same system you were educated in?
Or will you teach them and allow them to think
for themselves
When will you start THINKING for yourself?


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