The Art of Non Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

I was browsing through the library and The Art of Non Conformity by Chris Guillebeau caught my eye.

Before checking it out I read the first chapter. It is a very simple read that drew me in instantly and I took it home. Today I finished it and I thought I would pass this treasure on to you. Direct answers to life problems are hard to find and this book contains those answers.

You do not have to change a lot about yourself to be successful. The key is to take what you are good at now and enhance it. You have to be useful to other people and mainstream society will not help you do that. Sure you can work under a billionaire and get paid a certain sum per hour while you hear about his or her vacations and business trips. Being a good listener is great but wishing this was you is not. That leads to jealousy then that leads to hate. So you will be lead to hate your job that you used to love. Does this sound familiar?

The key is figuring out how to do what you want while having what you need. You do not need the things that you want. Once you figure out what your needs really are you can budget out according to your needs and nothing more. However do not be selfish. Freely giving is also important. If you decide to get rid of the extra things in your life give them away. Do not sell them. That way you receive good karma back. Maybe not from the person who you gave it to but that energy will circle back to where it started from! It’s the law of the Universe! Use it to your advantage!

If you like what I have said so far do not just take my word for it! Read the book for yourself and start applying it! You can have the life that you want to have! You do not have to wait until retirement! If you cannot wait to read this book go to the website! He has a lot of free updated information. Go here to check it out


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