A Good Healthy Gasing…I mean Apple! :) (and lots of other fruit too!)

This is my other creation What a Chemicalized world. I know it is not Friday but I cannot resist reblogging throughout the week. Passing on new information is vital for creating a better world.

What a Chemicalized world

Hitler LOVED gas Chambers…

Gas is used for Chemical warfare in…..drum roll…Syria remember the incident that almost caused world war 3?

So why are you eating gas? Where the first word is METH yes……1-METHYLCYCLOPROPENE
( I saw people getting busted as a kid on cops for this meth stuff. Are we eating it?) You know what I will leave you to look that information up for yourself. It is no fun to do the research all the time for everyone. I bet you are curious go ahead…Google it.

1-METHYLCYCLOPROPENE is a gas that is sprayed over apples and other fruits to keep them from ripening. It is also known as smart fresh. Isn’t this a bag or something they sell now a days? If you buy those freshening bags with the gas and your fruit contains the gas what does that do to us? Most likely as everything else…

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