Is this what the kids are into these days?-Sea Punk!?! What the duck?

No it is not a conservation movement to save the ocean….I really wish it was. Although it might make kids think about dolphins and sex and unicorns and smoking….

I have never heard of this until today while I was browsing you tube under independent music. This new style apparently is heavily promoted by MTV. It is a combination of mythology, sea animals, electronic, trance, and hip hop. Imagine combining Miley Cyrus with electric and dolphin songs. So I tried to listen to this music to see what it is all about. I like to remain educated when making an opinion. I could not stand to listen to it long enough to really figure it out. I could feel my brain cells dyeing with each beat. Which is a lot of cells in a matter of five seconds. If you ever hear the kids these days talking about joining a Sea punk band or wanting a CD under this genre be concerned be very concerned….

An explanation of Sea Punk

Unicorn Kid -Pure Space Odessy.
(promotes vandalism, smoking, rebellion, destruction)

Check out my Weekly Jams section on the tabs for an example of better music for teens to listen too. They are going to see guns, hear swearing, and study symbolism anyway. You might as well show them the truth before someone else lies to them and your truth becomes obsolete.

Now I am going to contemplate on how to leave this Galaxy………I do not see it getting better here before it gets worse. I do not want to get shot and have my organs sold on a black market. You should to see what the price of a human body is going for these days. That will be another blog for another time.


4 responses to “Is this what the kids are into these days?-Sea Punk!?! What the duck?

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