NFL-It can Go away now

This year 225 million fans are going to be filling the streets, stadiums, and their couches to celebrate the biggest holiday season of them all . Football. If you do not know about the play offs I should shake your hand. That means that you never ever hear the ear wrenching sounds of bad reporting. If you are this person I could use some tips on how to avoid every mind numbing advertisement there is.

I see it as a mockery. What would happen if we put all that drive from 225 million people into something constructive? What if Americans screamed that loud about our water crisis, the NSA spying, government spending, poverty, and war? What if they put all the hours they spend throughout the week watching these games into learning something beyond a basic high school education? What kind of Nation could we build?

No of course that nation won’t ever happen because 225 million of you love junk food advertisements, women being thrown into your face, and men pounding into each other screaming. Many of you believe that large screen and NFL team jersey makes you a big fan. You are most likely a BIG fan because the majority of these people are obese. Look at all the soft drink, snacks, and meat that is advertised during this season. You are encouraged to be the biggest fan ever because the more you promote football the more money you are fattening someone else’s wallet. They want your money so they want you to be the biggest fan. Try calling a football manager or a stadium while you are in debt. Explain to them you invested so many hours and dollars into the sport. You could use some help. You helped them right? They should help you? Go ahead call them yourself…..See how much they do care.

There is nothing inspiring about the stories of the players about how far they have came. Look at your own story and what brought you are to where you are now. Nobody is going to care when you walk down the street that you have 4 degrees and you saved someone’s life. You do not see parades thrown over that stuff. If you give a large man a jersey and a football throw him in a stadium you will turn him into a god.

What if you shut off the T.V. this weekend instead of watching the Play offs? What if you learn something instead? Or take your family sledding, for a swim, or a hike? What if you play a board game? Create memories that are real. T.V. is not real and these people do not need you to be their fan. You need to be your families biggest fan so turn off that T.V and stop being sold out to these freaks.


6 responses to “NFL-It can Go away now

  1. I TOTALLY agree! I am NOT a sports fan, and my husband is NOT a sports fan (one of the reasons I married him). I just don’t understand why people love to watch grown men tackle and sweat on each other. Barf! 🙂 I would rather sit back and write our novel…

    • That is so awesome to read! I see a lot of couples only spend time in front of a football game. The rest of the time is at work. It seems like a lot of younger women are forcing themselves into the football scene because of the male obsession. Its the only way a female now a days can spend time with their other half and that is sad.

      • That is sooooo true! Sports are so overrated and commercialized. Sure, if you grew up playing soccer or basketball and truly enjoy the art of playing on a team with the anticipation of being with your friends, that has meaning an purpose. I grew up playing basketball, and I looked forward to being with my teammates and friends. The games were simply for fun. Professional sports are absolutely horrid and unrealistic!

        I am a teacher, and my paycheck sucks. I work my ass off, I am educated, and I receive little to no positive recognition and pay. BUT… an illiterate athlete can prance around a field and get paid millions. Unbelievable.

        Sorry to rant. I love this topic! And it pisses me off. 🙂

      • I actually posted a blog on teaching ironically. Have you looked beyond what they promote on the education system. Not bashing here. I went to both public and private schools. I personally would rather have been homeschooled. I am a victim of the reading group the video discusses. It wrecked my life. I have met some very kind amazing intelligent teachers that did change my life for the positive and were awake to what is going on. So it is not a bash or anything like that on teachers themselves. It is the ones pulling the strings behind them because I believe the teachers are shortchanged. I used to play soccer and basketball! I agree they should be fun not something people get paid for. It should be a community thing. It is pathetic teachers need to be paid more and need to be allowed to teach the truth! They are kept so quiet by laws and it hurts the kids!

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