Time for Taters!!

Why you should add a potato to your life…

Vegetarian Living for all!


Potatoes are one of my more favorite nightshade vegetables. After walking into my kitchen from a very long day in the city, I was so tired that the only thing I could even think to eat was the leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge. I would have been home sooner to actually make supper if it weren’t for the fact I sent 3 hours looking for my roommate (who is easily distracted) decided to go “for a walk by the market” as he put it. I told him to meet me at the library at 12:30 so we could catch the 1 O’clock ferry  back to the house.  needless to say that did NOT happen, instead we ended up on the 3 O’clock ferry after a 5 mile hike around the city to find my roommate sitting in a coffee house!?!?!? URGG… I swear somedays I should just get a cell phone and make things a…

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