Fear Reporting in your face…

FAUX News did a news segment to get everyone fired up about the Super Bowl by creating fear over Marijuana. The article discussed how Cannabis smokers will be able to purchase marijuana under food stamps. You are ignorant to the real issues surrounding marijuana if this article scared you. Marijuana is illegal according to the Federal Government. Food stamps are still Federally Regulated thanks to the tax payer. Until the Federal Government legalizes Marijuana this issue will not come up. You cannot even purchase herbal teas labeled as medicinal use from Fred Meijer on a Food Stamp card to treat your nausea!

This story frustrates me because I am a Cannabis patient. There are a lot of people in the United States who believe Cannabis is a drug and it is going to kill the world. To a few people this legalization is like Armageddon. We do not need fear based reporting. Unfortunately those who believed this most likely watch only one news source and will not think around what the reporters tell them. They will not even Google it to see if it is legitimate. This is bad for people who do not use the internet and believed what they heard on there T.V.

I despise ignorance! I am not even sharing the original video here because I do not want to see it spread around. However here is the actual story to pass on to those on your social media site freaking out about this and passing on fake knowledge. http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_24907703/fake-report-about-colorado-pot-shops-food-stamps


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