LA May Become First City In US To Implement Age Restriction On Energy Drink Puchases

LA May become the first city to put an age restriction on energy drinks! I believe this is a good thing. If you have not read the ingredients on the list you should. I would like to see them outlawed for everyone. Coffee was good enough at one point. It is still good enough today. The issue is society is to good for coffee.

CBS Los Angeles

BEVERLY HILLS ( — Los Angeles could become the nation’s first city to ban minors from purchasing energy drinks, as the City Council considers restrictive policies on the beverages.

The potential policies appeared in the initial form of a motion by Councilman Bernard Parks in a committee hearing on Monday afternoon.

In addition to the effect the beverages may have on the general public, Councilman Parks says he is concerned about the effect overindulgence in the drinks is having on police officers and other first responders, who often work late hours, off little sleep and under excessive pressure.

“If you’re in this mode of drinking this energy drink, instead of eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you’re using it to stay up for long periods of time, and you’re not sleeping, you’re in danger of injuring yourself and causing health problems,” Parks said. “That’s what we’re concerned about.”


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