I am bored

I am bored and working is pointless. Not work itself. No I am not a lazy person I believe working for Gold is pointless. Working for a mineral “Good Girl!” is never going to get me anywhere. Its like Kindergarten for adults. Now the kid that behaves the best gets the candy bar. At least that’s what it was in my classroom in the 90s when I was a kid.

I call it mind training. If they can get you to work for candy as a child certainly you can learn to be a “Good adult” later and work for a mineral. It is amazing you all sacrifice family time only to find out you die and cannot take your house with you.

Within 4 generations the hard work you did for that house that the Monarchy really owns will be forgotten about and trashed. The kid that inherited it might remember the hard work you did for it. But their child won’t. They will not know you therefore they will never really respect you. Look at our United States Constitution….

We screwed that up didn’t we? (if a society can screw up a constitution your land and house are screwed!!!!)

You are working hard and losing time that you can never replaced. So what if you quit everything sold everything and simply went for a walk….

I am bored and I am going to go for a walk….

I am preparing now and I leave in 2015…

Yes there will be a blog on this so stay tuned…

I decided to do this because I got bored the other day. The super bowl news was pissing me off and its all I have heard about for a damn month now. It does not help that the day of my birthday falls on a Satanic Holiday just my fracking Karma! I am really sick of society and its b.s. so its time to go for a walk.

I went on a walk that was random and I did not stop until I was exhausted…in total 20 miles!

2015 will be epic!

How bored are you? Are you bored and pissed off enough yet to just say screw it and do something random? Or are you to attached to the Almighty Gold Oil and Diamonds aka the Eloheim?

Or do you love the Good? Yes there is something that rules higher then the Eloheim…

Have a good walk and I hope you take one!



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