This makes me Smarter then you…Maybe…..

A study came out according to the talk radio shows I listen to about people who listen to talk radio and read instead of listen to T.V. Apparently Scientists and Researchers discovered on average we are 20 percent more intelligent then the T.V. watchers.

I believe this is accurate because I am tired after listening to 8 hours of radio vs watching two movies. It does take a lot of brain power to produce images. T.V really hurts my third eye chakra. Literally. Its like someone taking a sledge hammer to my brain.

On the down side I feel like I am for sure going to die tomorrow of something

  • The Government is 40 years ahead of what we know in technology
  • UFO ships several hundred feet long are landing on the white house lawn
  • People who speak out on Art Bell’s show are randomly exploding in “car wrecks”. Or at least close to it. Luckily people now check their cars before jumping inside.
  • We are all fuked. Fukishima is leaking into the base ground because the core officially broke. Do not eat the Sushi and other sea food. Its poisonous.
  • Don’t drink water either without a filter. The radiation is probably in that too.
  • Doctors are now the new police. They can report your mental health condition to the local authorities. The federal government has also obtained our medical files.

It would be great if someone could debunk the radiation myths. On a blog reply and comment your reply below. On a good note I am more aware more inspired. However it leads to paranoia in my brain. No I do not lose sleep in fact I sleep extra well.

This body belongs to the earth anyway and I will reincarnate. Just hopefully to a less radioactive place where people are more humane instead of human. We should add the e to human but we do not deserve it. At least the majority of us do not. So far there has not been one generation smart enough to step up to the ignorance surrounding us and crush it for good.

The weather is saying the chances of that are slim. Get a bigger umbrella the shit is going to fall harder and we are headed into a storm.


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