Another daily Ponderation topic

This Seattle Seahawks stuff is some serious fluff. It does not make sense at all. We can get an ESTIMATED 500,000 people TOGETHER across the GLOBE for a PARADE in Seattle.

I am severely ashamed. Not for my country no. I love the idea of Freedom. PEOPLE make me ashamed. (ignore this if you do not care about football or this stupid event. This is not directed at every person in the world. So do not take it personally unless you are guilty.)

 This is what I despise. Obama said the approval of Congress no longer matters. AKA: YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS NO LONGER EXIST.

Hundreds of thousands of people can gather within a week to celebrate their foot ball gods but they cannot at least speak out in a large group PEACEFULLY regarding our rights.


Schools were called off!!!!!!!!

Football is more important then our education are you kidding me???

It will NOT feed you, Clothe you, shelter you, or give you love. It certainly will not help you sleep.

You have to learn to be independent children need LEARNING!


All people can do is praise and bow down to players.

What would happen if Jesus came down from wherever he comes from and saw that?

No there is no more redemption at least in my book. That is why there is a savior everyone is waiting for. This savior person would have to have the patience that only the DIVINE can contain to deal with this amount of stupidity.

In the meantime I am going to listen to some Art Bell or something while people do stupid things.

Go ahead tell me I am raining on your parade and crushing your freedom because I think YOUR parade is STUPID

Just like Santa is stupid

These players will never do anything for me personally.

Therefore I do not care. The water is being poisoned across America right now so I have better things to worry about.


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