Look at Bit Coin and how powerful it is becoming. Nations are slowly trading in the gold for this bitcoin. Soon this ONE company will own all of the Gold. Leaving us nothing but a virtual currency.

Jump into a time travel machine and go back ten years. Even twenty. Micro chips were slowly becoming a huge part of our lives by our choice.

  • Buy a cell phone-9/11/01 Terrorism could happen anywhere
  • Microchip your pets- You might lose them
  • Microchip your kids through the cell phone. Kid tracking Apps Parents? Come on I know you are interested…oh to know what your child does all the time! Its better then your mother finding your diary! Jack POT! Yes you can know when your little Sheila lights up a joint.

Now fast forward to 2018 Bitcoin owns all the gold because we saw value in internet currency. Well I shouldn’t say we. I am not a part of this fluff.

Add on a few extra terrorism fears hear and there a few more shooting fears because every town and city has a village idiot or ten.

Combine a tracking chip that goes under the skin and add bit coin to it.

You have 666 aka the Mark of the Beast

Hello and welcome to reality

You have now awakened to the fact that maybe a Revelations of some kind whether your Christian or not does exist. You wake up to realize that soon everything will be bought and sold without a currency.

Soon you will realize that you are owned by man when you receive the mark.

How will you avoid this?

No I am not saying any religion is right or wrong. I do not really care what religion you are. It is more of an issue of who is going to own you?

Or is it cool to be a robot now?

Does Gold really define me as a human being? What about my house? My car? My cell Phone? My non existant Facebook Account?

Who my friends are?

Does that all make

How can I just live out in nature away from all of it. How can one live in nature without being called homeless or a bum? WHAT IF I DONT WANT THIS STUFF?????????????????????

How does one live when they are told they are wrong every day with these questions?


How can one continue to accept Gold when you realize how it is made? Through pollution and the blood of my neighbors in another state from another water poisoning.

How is it okay to sell out my neighbors?

Are we selling our souls? For Gold?







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