R2-D2 is Real….

A California company has built a 5 foot Robot cop model that can scan 1500 license plates a minute and detect the energy of a crowd. This is being released on a street near you

Click here to read the rest http://rt.com/usa/california-company-android-robocops-knightscope-645/

Of course this is all about the “kids” and we have to keep another Sandy Hook case from happening again. …its all about the kids and the safety of them right? We also cannot forget those terrorists….man we are so terrorized everyday.

Here is some BIG news I went out in public yesterday and I did NOT see ONE terrorizing terroristic person!  Could it be its a scare to get us all to actually love computers, robots, and phones? Love your micro chips! They will keep you safe!

Chips are only good for one thing going crunch in my mouth! ( I prefer Kettle they are GMO free…)

The Pros

  • Taxes MAY go down over this
  • Less Police action on the streets
  • People will become aware of every action reducing crime (hopefully)

The Negative

  • Chances are your taxes will not go down. They will find another way to tax you so that way they get there money. The Government is tired of employees however they are not tired of income. Keep this in mind when you see this promoted across your cities over the next twenty years.
  • The computer will call you a criminal before you even get a chance.
  • It will most likely link to your smart phone and detect data off of that
  • A lot of people will be put out of work





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