Watery thought of the day

Saying you love fresh water and being a meat eater is a false statement. You might as well be saying the opposite. This would be a better statement: I love antibiotics and sewage in my water. Another correct statement would be this one: I love droughts because one pound of my hamburger costs an innocent victim 1600 gallons of fresh water. That is how much fresh water a cow has to drink to gain one pound of muscle.

Can’t you see that if you love meat you hate fresh water? Please do not complain the next time your water is tainted because of a livestock run off. If you hate sewage in the water then you have to hate the meat that produces the sewage.

Species in the wild do not create a toxic sewage dump because the poop does not build in one location. That is where cattle and buffalo are different. However you love your steak….


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