Tonights posts may have been graphic…

I understand tonight’s posts might have been a little to shocking or offending to some viewers. If you have not been following me long then this is a very fast lesson of my blunt writing.

When I make a point I make a point what can I say? 12 years of Mind Control training and you have kids graduating that are now adults ……….This is the world you created 1960’s generation.

To my generation……..Get your kids off the T.V. and kick them outside! I would love to have to make a few sound complaints due to kids being to loud in the evening because they are playing outside!

To see the issue to the problem at hand all I have to do is rewind my life back to eighth grade when the fourteen year old girls in the Catholic school I attended were picking out swings and naming them after N’sync Members….Where did they learn this crap? MTV. I was a loser kid who did not have MTV and yes I got made fun of! Yes I hated my parents for it! WE FOUGHT OVER IT!!!!

(THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR SAYING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

These 14 year old kids who are now almost 30 were humping the swings calling them by boy band names…this was in 1999- 2000 people!!!!!!!!!! (Now you know my REAL age :))

Let this be a lesson to you parents your kids are not safe in either Private or Public school. YOU CREATED THE LIFE-I know it only took a few minutes…..NOW DEAL WITH IT FOR 18 YEARS! THE STATE and COUNTRY IS NOT YOUR SUGAR DADDY!!!!!  CAN THE WORLD STOP RAISING IGNORANCE!

If you cannot educate or read this blog do not procreate. If some of these words on this page are a little to big for you for the love of Something do not have sex!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See I get mad at just the idea of IGNORANCE that I create another rant about the responsibilities the majority do not take when it comes to raising life….

The responsibility of pulling a plug on an electric device, breaking a charger, or smashing things as needed…… (If you need to lower stress by lowering the family bills this is a great solution. Start here and take note. )

If you cannot uphold the duties of ripping the stupidity out of your child’s finger tips then do not procreate. If you believe the Public or Private school systems are a great thing for your child and you cannot be a stay at home educating mom or dad….do not have sex!

Thank you to all teens who read this and choose responsibility whether you are a parent or not!!!! The choice is yours and so are the consequences of the action!

If you were an ignorant parent who did not think very deeply PLEASE START THINKING and do the RIGHT THING.

If you do not learn something every day shoot yourself in the foot….because you wasted it.

I personally do not care it was graphic and I am sorry if you were not mature enough to handle the posts that you may or may not have seen.



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