‘She can burn’: Katy Perry’s latest video edited after sparking Muslim outrage

Dear Celebrities,
You speak of ideas and concepts such as peace for the world and saving the starving children. Those are wonderful ideas and things every humane being should be thinking about. You are not a humane being. You are igniting the very wars Obama and others wish to have. Why? Wars produce profit. You own the mansions and huge parcels of land. You love your food and drink and you eat and drink plenty of it. You shoved food in our faces that were full of GMOS in your video Miss Perry. You encouraged over eating on top of all of it while the people of other nations are starving. As Celebrities you have the power to change the world around you through song. Instead you took your talents and became prostitutes for Gold. You deserve forgiveness because you do not know the damage that you have caused. You do not have the brain depth to comprehend your own ignorance. Your eyes are focused on having all the power and nothing else. You believe we watch you dear Celebrities because we want what you have. You think we want to be the one on that stage. You are very wrong. We only watch what you do because we feel bad that your soul was sold out so your body could be electrocuted through MK Ultra. We know what it means when you shave your heads and wear wigs. It means someone else is abusing you. I feel bad for you because either someone close to you put your name on a contract for Gold. Or you were ignorant enough to sign your name the only thing a person really has for a chunk of metal.
Through education I hope all of you learn to what depths your soul was sold out before it is to late for redemption. We are all watching you and…praying for you. We do not want what you have.


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