Please Come to the Front…

If you believe the earth is over crowded well you are a person living on this earth. Can you be the first person to step up to dispose yourself of this over crowded place? Oh no? You do not like that idea? Oh everyone else is over populating the planet I see how it is.

-The idea going around that we are over populated is an IDEA it is not FACT. Meaning it is an Opinion presented as fact through propaganda.

Fact and Logic is telling me that we need to have a RESOURCE based ECONOMY. Meaning we only eat what is in season, we step away from money, and we work towards healing our land.

If you still feel like the earth is over populated…

Bill and Melinda Gates would love to assist you with your opinionated problem.





6 responses to “Please Come to the Front…

  1. people all over the world need to stop having children…I had no choice coming into this world..but I do in regards to having children and I have none by choice. What sane person would in this day and age.This planet can sustain 2.5 billion – 3 billion at the very most so a whole lot of people by the billions will be dying within the next 50 years – and every single government on this planet will be complicit…I’m diggin your blog yo πŸ™‚

    • Well Thank you! I go for walks, view the ignorance, try to find my own solution and write about it…or vent. This blog keeps my mind sane. I wish I could say all this on a street corner but someone will flog my rear for doing so! This is the next best way until someone bans blogging! The possibility of a good blog flogging could always be in the future. I am like you I choose to not have kids because of the cost! Why bring life into the world when I cant afford myself! Play the game how fast we can fill the fridge on prayer? Sounds awesome. Maybe if we pray over the field of corn it will grow faster so we don’t starve……people need to get off the faith trip of God will make it okay and create real faith!

      • While seeing the ignorance around me sadly I am left with this statement…I was just as ignorant as everyone else I used to be that person pursuing the family dream. Til reality ripped it all out. I am okay though I am under 30 and didn’t wait to many years!

      • YOU very intelligent…spread it thru your blog… and, you will be on the right side of history (that’s what it’s all about)…I’m like you..if I didn’t write my blog, I’d lose my mine…and being that I despise guns, I choose words instead. πŸ™‚

      • If we accidently bumped into eachother on the street somewhere on this earth I bet we would make great friends! You are intelligent as well and same with you! That is what it is about to do I want the future to hate or love my actions? I have nephews and I do not want them to hate me one day. I want them to go well that crazy aunt she was right and I am going to smoke weed with her and get some life advice! I want to be that person! πŸ™‚

      • LOL…and you are correct..we would make good friends if met ..and be that crazy aunt that is on the right side of history…if this world had more young people who thought like you..I promise you, this government would tremble to its core and there would be change…from the crazy uncle who totally agrees with you πŸ™‚

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