To those Older then me….


  1. Walmart
  2. Where is the nature?
  3. Concrete everywhere
  4. Sluts on the billboards, T.V, music
  5. Fracking Video Games
  6. Horrible Music
  7. You all stopped smoking Marijuana and told us it was bad
  8. You put us in the DARE program in school because you were convinced it was bad
  9. You gave my generation cancer
  10. You shoved artificial juice down our throats while telling us it was juice…
  11. You told us to EAT BEEF ITS WHATS FOR DINNER- Remember the T.V???
  12. You were convinced the real food our Grandmothers gave you was fake and you went to the store for better food
  13. You taught us to be lazy and convenience is the way to go
  14. You told us creativity is dead and to learn to be professional
  15. You taught us to take out loans
  16. You sent us to facilities with adults you said you could trust but we were raped instead
  17. You shoved us into a mind programming public school
  18. You forced needles to us even though we scram as babies and toddlers
  19. You told us to behave and that it would all be okay
  20. You convinced everyone terrorism is a real threat when really its an underground religious battle that dates back to Biblical times.
  21. You stopped watching Space after we landed on the moon
  22. You introduced us to cable T.V
  23. You introduced us to MTV
  24. Our Fathers introduced our sons to stripping poles and play boy because they did it first. Of course the kid will follow the parent.
  25. You drank in front of us. Oh its just a wine cooler it doesn’t mean anything.
  26. You taught us food is a comfort
  27. You lied to us about Santa Claus
  28. You shoved us in cramped living spaces called cities
  29. Most of us are obese because organic food is a rarity.
  30. You embraced Round up so you didn’t have to pull some damn weeds
  31. You sent us all to war in the name of religion and country.
  32. You shoved those older to you in nursing homes!!!!!!
  33. You taught your daughters how to wear make up
  34. One of the first things you taught your sons was to hold a gun
  35. You did not teach your children inner peace
  36. You failed to teach us meditation
  37. You decided oil was the way to go
  38. Nuclear Energy will free us all!
  39. You still continue to ignore everything
  40. Now all is polluted……………….


You expect me to follow your example??? Are you on crack?? Please share whatever you are smoking the delusions must be amazing!

Now I Have help to pull those older then me as well as the younger crowd out of this mess you all created????



6 responses to “To those Older then me….

    • Offing the ignorance is a horrible plan. It is not fair for someone who was once ignorant themselves (me!) to say I am better then that person who is still remaining stagnant. I awakened so can they. We have to through action show others how to live. That starts with you and me. Hitler and other people tried mass cullings and we see how that worked.

      • I didn’t say mass killings…just %1 of the %1…they remain eternally ignorant..matter of fact, they take pride in it and will never change…you take one and set an example…if things don’t change then it gets worse for them…hitler was an idiot who had %1er american friends…totally different situation..that was war over oil and the jews were the excuse and reason to start it…if the leaders are corrupt so will the followers..unfortunately this is the way life works. Horrible leaders lead to horrible people…we see it every day

      • no one pays the one percent…they pay themselves…you mean who pays the government…WE DO…my theory has always been..there is BIG BROTHER (the government) and then there is LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers) who create the government so that their businesses can always flourish..and what’s the purpose of big brother in the family…to protect little sister….that’s why every time a politician in america tries to actually help the average man, he/she is ALWAYS shot dead by the cold, shivering hand of the 2ND amendment…

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