Food Horrors

Your meat is gross. Only a small percentage of meat products are really meat. The rest are human and animal DNA and bi products. If you do not believe me check this out!

I want what YOU have GOT!

Would you walk up to your mom and grab her nipple, attach a machine and bottle and drink her milk?  I would hope not. So why do you enjoy what comes out of the breast of a cow? They call it an utter but it does the same thing as a human breast. Cows are not supposed to produce milk all the time just like a human does not produce milk all the time. Milk is for babies not for adults. Drinking milk is disgusting.


These are your guts on meat….these are your guts in surgery and these are your friends in your guts. Animal hoarding is wrong and the humane society is against it. Please give up meat and stop hoarding animals inside yourself. No this is not your Grandmothers Spaghetti and you should probably pass on the meat balls. These are worms……In case you were to scared to click this video.

 This lovely man tells you how to look just like him!!! 


GMO Bodies

The Monsatan Truth Hurts-watch and learn…

Don’t Eat It

What if we eat enough human DNA that humans start to get holes in our brains like cows do? Then we start foaming at the mouth, acting rabid, and zombie like. GMOS will be the zombie Apocalypse. Say NO to cannibalism and eat organic! Thanks for choosing to not be a future zombie.


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