I dont speak human


Hitler cared?????

Shocking no? This evening I asked myself a question and did some research to see if Hitler ate animals or did not eat animals…..

WHAT IS YOUR GUESS? The answer is in the video…..(Hitlers book: Table Talk)

Yes even Part of Hitler was humane. However almost killing off an entire race is not okay no matter what your beliefs may be about that race. Education solves problems. Listening solves problems. Guns, anger, violence, gas chambers, and torture do not.

INCLUDING THE TORTURE OF ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does rape have to do with Milk?


This video will probably open up the minds of young readers who have never read the old testament before….. See Revelations in action by watching this video! In all seriousness this video does not contain human nudity but refers to some very disguising things. Every adult who loves dead cow burgers for supper or eats cow pus over cereal in the A.M. needs to watch this. If you love illegal immigrants in our country you should watch this. There are so many controversial issues in one mini video…………..


“Un”Ethical Eating-Brainless Chickens

Part of me wants to go puke the other part of me wants to go cry. Humans are so cruel. This goes to show how one person’s brilliant mind can create such horror. One person always has an impact it only takes ONE to screw up the world.

Brainless Chickens

An architect student by the name of Andre Ford developed what he would like to consider a new humane alternative way to raise chickens for meat. He discovered if you remove the Cerebral Cortex of the Chicken’s brain they do not mind their cramped conditions creating the headless chicken theory. If you only keep the part of the brain that allows the chicken to keep in homeostasis it will still grow but it will not feel pain or care about being in cramped conditions.

The benefits: You can place more of these chickens in smaller spaces. The factory farms could downsize their buildings while staying “cruelty” free. These chickens will not be able to grow normally because they cannot move on their own so they will not have the brain structure to do so! Of course Andre Ford has a solution to this. Electrical shock. Yes the chicken will receive electrical shock to the muscles to replace natural movement. This is not considered cruel by some people because the chicken will not be able to feel it. The other benefit it is cruelty free from slaughter.

These chickens will feel no pain at all their entire lives. I assume this beheading process is done while they are chicks. However I cannot find a lot of information on how this process is accomplished.

Do you call this new form of farming cruelty free? I do not see how it would be cruelty free for you. Imagine being born and being taken straight back to surgery. Where your head is almost removed and they stuff tubes into your body so you do not ever feel pain at all in your entire life. Then you are put into a small room where every second you are shocked by electricity. Do you call that cruelty? I do because it goes against the very laws of nature. The freedom of choice.

Please do not support these new barbaric methods and choose life and be vegetarian!

If you do not believe me click here: http://inhabitat.com/disturbing-headless-chicken-solution-aims-to-raise-poultry-birds-without-suffering/headless-chicken-solution-andre-ford-4/