Spanking- It creates instant Results…

We speak about spanking all the time and often we spank because it is all we know. However we do not speak about the Non Aggression principle. This is because 90 percent of parents spank. Meaning the chances were pretty great that you were disciplined by spanking as well. However is it okay to continue to do what we were taught to do by our parents? Is a parent correct when they choose to spank and is it morally ethical to do so? That is a question you must ask yourself whether you have children or not. Today we know that fetal development is everything when it comes to shaping the personality. In fact most of the child’s personality is set up for adulthood by the age of 5. Spanking is no longer a Liberal issue or Republican issue. It is an issue that is kept so quiet now. Please do not respond without watching this video. Is it okay to just do what we were taught without thinking about it? No. Adults can be wrong also which means there is a huge possibility your parents could have been wrong as well. Does it make someone bad if they spank? No it does not. Is it wrong to spank? That is YOUR choice. The only laws protecting children from spanking are: Ten spanks or less is not abuse. You cannot leave a mark. So can I walk up to an adult and spank them when I see them littering? That is okay correct?






Happiness in a Non Happy World

It seems most of the population is on some kind of drug for depression or anger. It is easier to drug ourselves then to face our own pain or help another person deal with their pain. In fact we do something really horrible we recommend our loved ones to professional help instead of helping them ourselves or helping ourselves with us.

Why do we need professionals to deal with things that humans have dealt with since they were created?

Get over yourself you are human it is not shocking that because you are on this planet the following will happen if it has not already to you:

  • Broken heart
  • Loss of Life
  • Disability
  • Trust Broken
  • Some kind of Abuse
  • Debt

If you think you are the only one going through the event you are going through you are wrong. There are over 7 billion other people on this planet right now and billions more across the galaxy! We are only one planet!

Instead of drugging ourselves further we need to wake up and embrace the pain that way we can heal it.

Your Heart was Broken

The first mistake was believing that your relationship was guaranteed through words or paper from another human who is a species that changes every day. Just like you change every day. You do not wear the same colors, style, eat the same food, watch the same shows, or read the same books you did at ten do you? Of course not! So why do you think that your love that you had as a teenager or in your twenties would not change at lets say age 30? The first step to being in a relationship is understanding it is never going to be forever. Why? Because your body is going to die anyway! It might not have been your fault that person change people just do through diet, religion, friends, work, etc. Chances are your life style no longer matches the other persons and you no longer fit like a glove should fit when you are together! Do not fight about it if you have tried to make the differences work! It is okay to move on and remain friends that way you can treasure the years you had together. If you cant remain friends the only thing left is hate between something that was once beautiful. If it was not beautiful  you would never have had it in the first place right? So figure out what went wrong scrap what was bad but come together on what was good even if it means just stepping away from the romance side of it and saying hey we got along best as friends! Can we be friends again? Live up to that and show the person that you once were with in a different way the same respect you would give any friend of yours.

Do not sit and dwell on what might have been or what could have been. Instead look at yourself and ask yourself why was your heart broken in the first place and how can I love again? Did you love yourself first or were you searching for that acceptance you needed from you in other people? Do you feel bad about yourself while you are by yourself? If you answered yes to that last question that is why you are feeling broken. The reasons why you may feel bad about yourself may or may not be your fault. No one can love you like you!  Ask yourself what goals did you give up to be in that relationship? What things on your life bucket list do you have left to achieve? Can you learn to love you and how?  That is how you move forward from a broken heart. You do not do it by numbing your emotions through drugs. You create new goals, embrace the loss, and move on! Another important question: Do you need another relationship again or do you need to work on you for awhile first?

Loss of Life

Once again you know when you make a friend or fall in love that person will one day die. Why does it shock you when they die? If it did chances are you are not mourning them passing you are mourning the moments you did not have/will never have. Or the things that you will never say or were left unsaid. You cannot correct what you didn’t get done with that person before they died. You can take the memories and the lessons they taught you and live the best life possible to remember them by! That is what you do! You do not stick to wanting them around you. Live life as if they were by your side because they are! They are simply invisible to your human eye. One day you will see them again just in a different place or a different form. If you are sad over the loss of life right now be happy because that person is no longer in pain and they are not waiting for a nuke to be dropped on their heads like we are all waiting on currently! Be happy for them that they don’t have to pay taxes! There is no need to take medication for what the human does naturally which is cry and feel anger when someone passes on. It is okay to feel those emotions but do not remain stuck in those emotions. Remaining stuck is bad. Do you understand?


For some reason we think that because we are born healthy that we are invinsible to bad things happening to us. Things that do not seem fair. Take it from a person who has a chronic issue its not going to get better any time soon or ever! Get over it! In fact embrace the idea of it could get worse! Yes I did that! I embraced the idea that my body could get worse! Why would I do such a thing that’s depressing??!?? Fighting the idea that it could get better is more exhausting that’s why! If I wake up one morning and not one part of me hurts and I can run two miles then well that’s a cure! However in the mean time I appreciate how my body is for that day. Tomorrow it could be so bad I might not even be able to walk without oxygen on. Keeping that in the back of my brain I make sure I do what I can to prevent that from happening every day. That prevention includes a vegan diet, exercise regimen, hot showers, and lots of cannabis. Until I wake up and cannot crawl out of bed I will appreciate every day no matter how I feel. The days that I am in severe pain I embrace it because I became stronger when I got out of it! I became stronger when I learned what I did wrong to trigger that pain to begin with! My pain brings me one step closer to that cure. By telling myself that it can get worse I have not set my mind or body up for failure. It allows me to love me no matter how I feel!

Trust Broken

Okay so once again being human you are going to make relationships that involve trust. Usually the first line of trust that is broken is with our parents with the Santa concept. If you keep the trust within yourself you will be fine. Always trust yourself and have a back up plan. Do not blame others when they do something that goes against the trust bond. That goes back to Love and people change and ideas change. Once again why are you shocked the trust was broken? The solution is repairing the damage. If it was a financial loss then you had to many material goods to begin with. You should never own more then what your wallet can handle in the first place. so if you lost trust over a money issue that is probably your fault. If someone screwed you over in that money issue you should have never taken that loan or helped with that loan to begin with. I do not care if it was family whenever you leave yourself open to help someone you leave yourself open to be screwed. On the flipside you risk making a great friend/relationship by helping if it goes right! The risk is yours!


Man that’s tough! I am so sorry if its happened to you! Your right its not fair. Its not fair all your weaknesses were insulted and your fears became real. It is not fair that your strengths were not supported. Yes go ahead and cry it is okay! Do not be angry. Let me explain why. Of course you will feel anger that you were taken advantage of. No it was not your fault it was probably out of your league and your surroundings became to much. Ask yourself why were you abused? People abuse others without realizing it because the abuser: Is suffering themselves! The damage was obviously done to you so what you need to do now is embrace that damage. Embrace your pain. Then decide will you let it control you? Of course not! Your abuser would win and it would just cause you to unknowingly pass on the abuse to the next innocent victim! Do a double take of our life. Are you defensive when you meet someone new or are in a new situation? If you are that is okay you are afraid of being hurt again. But those natural defenses you build to avoid abuse can often push the Good People away who want to help you. In fact it can turn other good people into good people with negative attitudes about other people! Nobody enjoys being pushed away. If you are being asked to receive help talk about the way that the person can help you. Explain to them why you are afraid of getting close. 

You Owe or Someone Owes you

If you are depressed because someone owes you something then relax you should have seen it as a gift when you gave it away in the first place! You were only helping that person stay in debt longer when you co-signed that loan for your kid or parent. When you say No to money in relationships you can receive phrases like “F You!” ” Get away from me!” “Your nothing but a user” ” But you already own a house and a car and I don’t have anything!”……

Those phrases are not for you to worry about. In fact it is all the person who is in trouble already just being mad because they have to see the problem for themselves. Let them have their fit and if they refuse to talk to you even if it is family that is okay too. You do not need a CHILD to throw a FIT. Someone with that mindset is obviously a Child and what does an Adult do with a Child? You shut the door and step away while they throw the fit! When they want to talk you listen…but only listen if they are not being insulting and rude! Yes your 50 year old uncle screaming at you is a CHILD! Obviously!

The only way you can help in this situation without being screwed in the future is by Education!

You have to educate the person why they are in debt and how they can get to where you are at in life! Show them their own tools and creativity and help them embrace it! They are obviously feeling short of ideas so they want temporary relief from are not a bank you are human being.

So show them how to have Permanent relief and teach them to embrace themselves!

If you owe money the issue is that you were not patient enough for the item you felt like you needed at the time. Sure it might have been a good idea. If you lost your job do not sit and keep reapplying in the same field of work for years on end. Obviously that field of work will not get you anywhere anymore and you need to use your brain. So go to the library or consult with a few other broke friends or relatives and figure out how to group the creativity together to create income and balance! Yelling, screaming, taking out another loan will not fix your issue. Cutting back on the cable, cell phone bill, and extra things will. Sure it sucks you no longer have a status ego behind your name.

People will know something changed. It is okay because they are only human also…

You are human and so is everyone else so please…

Instead of popping another pill or going to the psychiatrist today can you please take your Monday off and embrace the pain?


My thought in the wee hours of the AM


I feel like I am stuck in a gigantic male locker room with each country claiming their piece of land and system is bigger and  better then the other one. It does not matter the size or the performance if each person in the locker room has an STD!  

So why does it matter if the leaders of your country are yelling and screaming that they are bigger and better then the other one? It does not. It wont matter who is bigger or better or what laws, policies, and trade deals went wrong on each end when that red button is pushed. One nuclear device impacts everyone. Regardless of what your media is telling you or your leader do you feel like one human from another country is honestly better then the other one? Do you feel like every person from that other country is your enemy? Or maybe they were simply born somewhere without a choice? Maybe the media is making us all enemies by throwing labels out such as patriot, terrorist, communist, socialist, republican, democrat, etc. hmmmm….

Maybe just maybe we are none of those labels and we are all just a race who needs to start supporting and loving our earth.

Our labels are simply a distraction into making our brains feel like we have something to scream about and stay frustrated over. The pharmaceutical industry makes bank due to war time depression meds no matter what country your from.  The factories will re open to create tanks, missiles, etc and your husbands and sons will be sent out without a guarantee they will come home. Not only will it be your sons this time…now your daughters are at risk of going. All for a chunk of that GOLD PIE it tastes great but man it leaves you bloated and weak. If you eat to much it will kill you.

Keep this all in mind before we decide we need to scream that USA is better then Russia or Russia is better then the USA. Or the Middle east is full of terrorist and the USA is full of infidels. We all know those statements are not truth!

No your religion will not save you either however your intelligence and knowledge will.

Do not fear educate yourself! Go read some ancient history…..NOW.

You may exit the locker room now…the door is on the right….

Tonights posts may have been graphic…

I understand tonight’s posts might have been a little to shocking or offending to some viewers. If you have not been following me long then this is a very fast lesson of my blunt writing.

When I make a point I make a point what can I say? 12 years of Mind Control training and you have kids graduating that are now adults ……….This is the world you created 1960’s generation.

To my generation……..Get your kids off the T.V. and kick them outside! I would love to have to make a few sound complaints due to kids being to loud in the evening because they are playing outside!

To see the issue to the problem at hand all I have to do is rewind my life back to eighth grade when the fourteen year old girls in the Catholic school I attended were picking out swings and naming them after N’sync Members….Where did they learn this crap? MTV. I was a loser kid who did not have MTV and yes I got made fun of! Yes I hated my parents for it! WE FOUGHT OVER IT!!!!

(THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR SAYING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

These 14 year old kids who are now almost 30 were humping the swings calling them by boy band names…this was in 1999- 2000 people!!!!!!!!!! (Now you know my REAL age :))

Let this be a lesson to you parents your kids are not safe in either Private or Public school. YOU CREATED THE LIFE-I know it only took a few minutes…..NOW DEAL WITH IT FOR 18 YEARS! THE STATE and COUNTRY IS NOT YOUR SUGAR DADDY!!!!!  CAN THE WORLD STOP RAISING IGNORANCE!

If you cannot educate or read this blog do not procreate. If some of these words on this page are a little to big for you for the love of Something do not have sex!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See I get mad at just the idea of IGNORANCE that I create another rant about the responsibilities the majority do not take when it comes to raising life….

The responsibility of pulling a plug on an electric device, breaking a charger, or smashing things as needed…… (If you need to lower stress by lowering the family bills this is a great solution. Start here and take note. )

If you cannot uphold the duties of ripping the stupidity out of your child’s finger tips then do not procreate. If you believe the Public or Private school systems are a great thing for your child and you cannot be a stay at home educating mom or dad….do not have sex!

Thank you to all teens who read this and choose responsibility whether you are a parent or not!!!! The choice is yours and so are the consequences of the action!

If you were an ignorant parent who did not think very deeply PLEASE START THINKING and do the RIGHT THING.

If you do not learn something every day shoot yourself in the foot….because you wasted it.

I personally do not care it was graphic and I am sorry if you were not mature enough to handle the posts that you may or may not have seen.


Name Calling (My Response to Jimmy and Michele Obama)

You called us knuckleheads today what does that make your daughters? To young to be knuckleheads because they are to young to show up on TMZ dancing on a bar stool? I do not expect you to like that statement but we did not appreciate it either. First off this knucklehead generation you speak of is to BROKE to be dancing on a bar stool and we certainly have little to be dancing over. Many of us have either graduated college, are broke from attending college, or we were smart enough to see through the loans at a young age and opted out of participation.

Just like I opted out of participation from gaining a Federal Loan for a piece of paper….wait isn’t my Toilet Paper made out of the same thing that diploma is made from??….Can you please tell me what is the purpose of a loan again? I am going to be a knucklehead in the sides of all those who want me to buy again…..because I am refusing Obama care.

Despite what you say I do not qualify

1. I have the Divine Right of FREEDOM OF CHOICE….I CLAIM MY RIGHT TO DIVINE LAW  God/Divine cannot intervene with freedom of will certainly no power on earth can Divinely go against that. Unless you choose to challenge the energy of the Divine by going against free will. Which is a gift we were all given.

2. Money really does not have power over me so I do not wish to pay for health. That is a lie you cannot PAY for GOOD HEALTH

Once again HEALTH is a GIFT from the Divine all gifts are free.

With that being said I opt out and I do not qualify 🙂

You did not relate to me by stating that we might fall off bar stools and you certainly did not thrill any parents and help them run to the website to sign up. I think any sane parent is horrified by the thought of covering their child with healthcare until they are almost 30. If I had a child I would be afraid for that child because of one T.V. comedy skit. I would be afraid for my child to grow up under a Government who believes they will become nothing better then a slut or a pimp who dances on a pole or a table…….. 

Any child that has a sense of worth would never ever ever ask their parent to do such a thing for them.

Mrs. Obama we are not celebrities when will you realize that there is only one

BEYONCE! BTW I cannot stand her music either………….

I personally prefer music in the 432 hz range 🙂

What does that make your girls when they hit 21 and older????? One day everyone hits that age so you did not only insult us but you insulted your own children. 

If you are a person reading this such as myself keep that last statement in mind when you do feel angry over being insulted…..this parent just insulted her own kids………there is no reason to be angry or protest over this one day her two girls will be old enough to see this…what will they think?? How will they feel????

I believe they will be the last ones laughing……

What sane parent insults their children?  THAT IS BULLYING!!!!!!!!!

PARENTING YOUR NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hug More

I am reading the book Quantum Touch and the Power to Heal by Richard Gordon. Personally I do not have a perfect working body as well as a lot of my family members and friends. Energy healing has fascinated me since well I learned that Jesus could do it in Sunday School. I have always wanted to know why others cannot do this when he walked around with his disciples teaching others to do this. Jesus is not the only healer of the past he is just one of the most popular healers.

I went to the Reiki/health section of the library and found this book. It is definitely worth the read so far. (BTW healing like Jesus is not impossible…at least according to this book modern people do this every day)

I am going to give you a quote out of it and then go on from there…

The Indians living in a “primitive” community in the Brazilian Jungle, were held constantly when they were young. As the children grew up, they exhibited no violent behavior.  In her two and one half years with this tribe she realized that children WILLINGLY OBEYED their elders, and that toddlers played PEACEFULLY together WITHOUT arguing or FIGHTING. Consider that in our “modern” society  it is still a common practice for babies to be separated from their mothers at birth due to medical intervention in maternity wards. These isolated babies hear nothing but the crying of other newborns. Away from the arms of their mothers, they cry themselves to sleep.


Now do you see the issue with the feminist movement? This is not a movement in fact it is a slaughter of the mother/child relationship. When I was working full time I would see the stress lined all over the faces of the mothers I worked with. This was at a nursing home facility and I can tell you right now any parent working in the medical field does not have their brain 100 percent on the job. Their brain is back at home. “Who is this person taking care of my child?” “Is my kid having a good day at school?”” Is my child sleeping good tonight?”  “The flu is going around is my baby sick?”  What makes me even more sad is when a child is actually sick and the mom is not able to leave her job to take care of her life. Often mothers have to make the decision between putting food in the mouth of their babies or separation.

During the settlement period of the United States children were raised very close to their mothers. Usually the father would have to travel long distances to find work or hunt. Depending on the situation the father would be gone for a few days to a few years especially in the time of war. Today a woman can pump out a screaming 8 pound baby then 2 months later pick up a gun and go to combat….Isn’t that disguising? All in the name of the feminist movement. While the men were at war it was common for a female to leave their children at school or with a family member while the mother worked.  Women in the work industry has only gotten larger over time.

Can’t you see Reader that the feminist movement has created separation between you and your child? The Government has put a price tag on your child while he or she is in school and later ends up in the Prison system.  If your child does not end up in the prison system there is a bigger price in keeping your child’s brain locked down on ADD medication or anti depressants. Whatever the consequences you and your family receives because both parents work away from home and strangers are raising the child the government gains thousands of dollars.

Besides both parents working in todays society a lot of new parents believe that leaving the baby alone to cry is a good thing to do. Parents have a natural fear that the child will never want to separate and this will create a clingy adult. This is a very Freudian concept and one that is horribly outdated and needs to be thrown out. I am not saying baby your child but do not leave your child with strangers all day long. Do not leave your baby screaming in another room a way from you. That baby is screaming for a reason something is wrong. That baby cannot talk and tell you what is wrong. You are only breaking the trust bond with the child by NOT being their when that baby needs you.  Trust is one thing that is hard for anyone to earn back and also the easiest thing to lose.

What worked for the Native Americans can work for a Modern day society and we really need to go back to the Earthly way of raising our kids. They are not material objects who run by gold coins.


Is your Electronic device hurting others?

Yes and I am tired of you hurting me. Every time I go out in public I can feel the energy off the electronics around me. When you turn on your smart phone you should just hit me in the face with a 2X4 that is what it feels like. I really do not do anything to harm you. I do not own a dumb device or even eat meat. So can you stop hurting me please?

I know I know you love your family and you need to know they are safe all the time. You do not need those Apps like Angry Birds. That has nothing to do with talking to your family. So can you please get a cell phone that is not as harmful?

 How do electronics hurt others?

I have an aura just like you do. If you think auras and what not are just fluff then you are wrong. Science has proven they exist and it is time to crawl out from under the rock if you do not think they do and do some research. You can see an aura now through specialized photography. The aura protects you and me from outside influences it also allows me to feel things before my body feels them.

For example: Do you ever go out in a crowd and get that stomach clenching feeling that something horrible is going to happen and you should just stay away? I do. Do you ever ignore it then have something bad happen? I have. That is your aura working. It can feel before you that something is wrong because someone’s emotions are angry or violent around you. Your aura is telling you to get away before you physically get hurt. I know it sounds confusing but wild animals do this all the time.

When you turn on an electronic device it emits electromagnetic Radiation. This radiation penetrates through the aura causing it to weaken. After it cuts through the aura it goes right into your nervous system.aka your brain. This has a huge variety of unknown effects. What we do know it can cause Leukemia and brain tumors. The military uses high sound frequencies as a weapon. This should tell you something about your smart phone.

Its not so smart is it?

Be Smart and do your part to cut down on the pollution

  • Shut off your Wi-Fi Router when you are not home or you are sleeping
  • Keep your Smart Phone device off in Public unless you are making a call. Or you need it during working hours.
  • Shut your Phone off at Night
  • Unplug your microwave when it is not in use

You do not need electronics ON you 24/7. Give your body and mind a break for a few hours and just shut everything off. How much different do you feel?

Please stop punishing me and others along with the wildlife through your dumb devices. What did I do wrong to you? Why do you punish strangers through your every day actions? Stop doing harm! BE A HUMANE BEING NOT A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!