Please Come to the Front…

If you believe the earth is over crowded well you are a person living on this earth. Can you be the first person to step up to dispose yourself of this over crowded place? Oh no? You do not like that idea? Oh everyone else is over populating the planet I see how it is.

-The idea going around that we are over populated is an IDEA it is not FACT. Meaning it is an Opinion presented as fact through propaganda.

Fact and Logic is telling me that we need to have a RESOURCE based ECONOMY. Meaning we only eat what is in season, we step away from money, and we work towards healing our land.

If you still feel like the earth is over populated…

Bill and Melinda Gates would love to assist you with your opinionated problem.





A Public Experiment

If any of you are empathic you will understand when I say everything hurts around me. Am I weird that when I step outside I cannot relax? I see power lines above my head and I feel like I am in jail. A person can no longer just see sky.

In fact you cannot drive 200 miles anymore without running into a McDonald’s.  This is a deeply personal side of me that I keep quiet because there is little I can do other then vent about it. I am only one person and there is nothing really I can do on my own regarding this. As long as you keep supplying money to the wrong things free energy will continue to be an impossible dream to have. People have accomplished this and power lines could be abolished completely but the almighty Gold Oil and Diamonds rule. It is even put on the dollar bill. Catch my drift of why we trust Gold Oil and Diamonds? (Hint look at the symbols in the 3 bold letters above this. Please tell me you are awake enough to catch this. )

If I vent to someone other then another empath I am considered weird and outdated. You just do not get it and your attitude will hold back progress. No my attitude will not. I love the internet for educational purposes however the majority of the people waste there time on games with out any higher goal. Other then just getting rid of time. Once again Google the Nag Hammadi Library and open your mind. You cannot tell me you are bored and there is nothing to do.

Lately my nerves have been on fire and my endocrine system has been going insane. It creates a lot of pain behind the ears and in the skull. I figure this has to do with maybe living in the wrong climate, increased pollution, and electrical pollution everywhere.

I have been doing a lot of research lately into the power of sound. I am only sharing this personal side of myself because maybe there are other people on this Universe that understand but cannot explain the feelings of jail and being trapped. I cannot just escape out to the country because power lines run across the fields. Good luck escaping to the ocean wi-fi channels are being put under my local Puget sound for boat communication. If you speak out against things like this you get shut down very quickly in fact other people who do not mind the progression will do all they can to ridicule you and make you feel out dated. This treatment makes me want to leave my Galaxy for a much purer place. In this place I am an outcast.

The Experiment

Listen to music and only music for a month that is set at 432 hz. This means controlling what I listen to all the time. Impossible you say? I say it is not. All you have to do is You Tube 432 hz music and do not watch any T.V. or listen to any regular radio for a month. Talk radio should be okay as long as you turn the radio on mute during commercials.

The Goal

  • Take down pain with sound
  • Enhance the function of DMT production and the third eye
  • Enhance memory
  • Heal the nervous system
  • Calm down my own anger

I believe music is a very powerful healing tool. If you do not believe me listen to this track and close your eyes. I promise you will feel more grounded afterwards.