Whats for dinner in 2020?

A celebrity of course.


You know that saying I love you so much I could just eat you up? Have you ever had a nickname after a food item? I would start rethinking names and what not if I were you.

Humans carry a price tag on the market and a stem cell company called Bite Labs plans on turning celebrity tissue into meat. Yes one day you may be able to enjoy human on the menu….How about a Swift dash of Perry on the sandwich? Mmmmm human tissue samples….

Salami Gomez anyone? I will stop making puns now…Do not fret to much we will only yell and scream when it hits the market. Until it does people will most likely shove it under the rug unless you are one of the select few who does care about things that are outside your four walls of comfort.



What is the difference between a Grenade and a can of coke?

What is the difference between a Grenade and a can of coke?

Watch this video and see for yourself……

What are you going to do about it? Will you pick up one more? Just one more… Or is it time to throw your soda you just bought into a wall and watch it explode?

While you suffer the maker of your insulin is basking on a beach or sitting in a mansion somewhere…..all off the blood you draw every time you poke yourself! Later on he or she will make a lot more off the leg you will lose. Give it a few more years and the mortician will also gain wealth from your choices.

Everyone makes a dime off you. People think I am kidding when I say humans are born with a price tag…..


Peacefully dealing with GMOS

As they should be people are waking up all over the world angry about the GMO topic.

 People who are for GMOs are angry because they are being told they are hurting people because they are farmers that use Round up themselves, are related to someone that grows this corn, friends with them, or they are in denial that the food they love is making them sick.

The people that are against GMOs are angry that they woke up one morning to the news a loved one has cancer, kidney failure, or they lost a baby due to a miscarriage. Maybe this is a personal issue to you because YOU yourself woke up to some kind of horrific news about your own health. When you found out that disease has occurred you probably did some research into what caused it. Maybe you found out your food is a huge part of the problem.

I did and I went organic. No I am not a money making spokesperson here. I am not an organic farmer nor a farmer of any sort. I simply have to eat food to exist like you do. No I do not make money on my blog through advertisers. I do not have any advertisers. This blog is my peaceful way to get a message out to whoever wants to take the time to listen.

I do not mind taking the time out to have a discussion about food no matter what side of the debate you are on. I learn something all the time from people who are for GMO food production.


  • Education- This is the first and most logical step. Less Opinion and more Fact from both sides are needed. Unfortunately we are seeing facts and opinions from both sides of the spectrum from those who wish to gain profit. Wherever money is involved deceit is happening. You are going to be told one thing is better for you then another thing because the business owner wants YOUR money in HIS/HER pocket. They have families to feed and houses/mansions to pay for as well just like you have or wish to have.
  • Action- No matter what side of the issue you are on chances are you PAY for food. The only action I will ever take is the one called purchasing power. Your dollar has power. If you Like GMOs and you do not mind the “Fear Mongering” from those who are against GMOs purchase whatever product you want. The Oreos and Doritos are still on the shelf.  There are other products that are organic on the shelf as well. I do not even recommend protesting. When I first heard about protesting I was somewhat for the idea because I figured it would make people aware. Protests are getting violent all over the world and the military and police are getting involved. This causes INNOCENT people on either side of the spectrum to get hurt. Yes I say innocent on both sides because both sides think they are correct. Whether they actually are is a different opinion. I would not want to be physically or mentally attacked because I say Organic food is better. Because I do not want to be attacked I do not wish to see anyone for GMOs be attacked or even the owners or farmers of Monsanto to have the same done to them. To do that takes away personal freedom. We all have a divine rule to follow THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE. If you have an issue against GMOs its simple purchase everything Organic. If people buy more organic food then processed guess what? The food filled with GMOs will leave the shelves!!!!!!!!
  • Conversations- Lets look at the cannabis debate. Through simple conversations we have seen reform and legalization across the United States. Through simple conversations we can knock down the walls that separate us on both sides. Genetic Engineering has happened for hundreds of years and we have created stronger species of plants through cross breeding them. Those of us against GMOs do not like spider genes mixed with lets say a goat. Feeding the world is something both sides of the issue can agree on.  Conversations from both sides are needed to come up with a REAL solution. Obviously the population has grown however it is obvious starvation is still a problem even though Monsanto owns the FDA.  Both sides need to come together.

Like I said as people find out what is going on they are going to be angry on either side. What we have to ask ourselves is what kind of world do we want to have.

I wish to have a peaceful world and one that is safe. Not one of violence. I am sick and tired literally of global suffering.

Growing a garden is another big step. If you wish to have safe food grow it yourself and continue to talk to others. However going to the street to protest will only make you look like an extremist and people will not take your opinion as seriously.

If you go 100 percent organic and you drop a lot of weight you will find out that others will listen to you. You PROVED through ACTION that organic food is better and safer. If I had an opinion that was for the Genetically Engineering of food I would not listen to an obese person screaming in the street that the food is killing everyone. I really would not be able to take that seriously. I want to hear that organic food is safe from people who are already walking the walk and seeing results. I would not want to waste my time talking with someone who is attention seeking. If you are serious about the food your body and your energy levels will be proof enough. Words will not be needed. In fact others will be asking How are you so healthy?

Just like I cannot take a doctor who is Obese seriously.

Yes I will use words like ignorant and retarded. I believe that anyone who eats food without taking a minute to think about what is in it before eating is ignorant. It is not an insult because someone who is ignorant has the ABILITY TO CHANGE. I believe people who refuse to learn are retarded because it makes them INEFFECTIVE. THAT IS MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not confuse my opinion with fact.

( DISCLAIMER**** Retarded is different from being mentally challenged. I do not even like saying the mentally challenged are retarded because they are NOT ineffective.  They are not retarded. Some may assume I am referring to the mentally challenged by using that word. Please do not confuse the wording and look up the definition of retarded. There are several definitions. The mentally challenged can be effective people in fact there are thousands of effective people with a mental disability. )

Yes I will use the word stupid as well and maybe a few other less stronger swear words. Like you do I get frustrated at certain news stories I hear or opinions others have. Maybe I should not say stronger words and leave it Politically Correct. I am not looking for Politically Correct or making every person happy. I was not thrown into this fake world of abundant happiness that is shown on T.V. I was born into a world with real problems that involve war, genocide, starvation, and pollution. The children and animals of this planet did not do anything wrong. It is for them I blog for not for your personal comfort. If you need personal comfort call your mommy or grab a blanket curl up with ice cream and watch your reality T.V. show on the couch. This is the wrong blog for you if you like comfort!








My observation and I AM PISSED why you should be as well….

I have been yelling at the top of my lungs (metaphorically of course) telling strangers through blogging, example while shopping, and word of mouth to get off the wheat, GMOs, and meat. Most people look at me with a semi retarded smile and stare at me with huge owl half scared eyes like what are you talking about??? GMOS idiots..you know the Round up infested CORN that TAINTS your DNA.

If you have never been to my blog before and you are confused GOOGLE GMOS. Please watch the movie FOOD INC!

If you follow my blog Thank you for taking the time and having the intelligence to read. Believe me you are smarter then you think you are because 20 percent or something like that of your American neighbors are ILLITERATE. I wonder how many people had to look that word up in the dictionary…. Yes you should be concerned.

Rude and blunt? Yes. However I know longer give a hogs rear end how rude I sound or mean I sound. IF YOU CONTINUE TO FEED YOUR KIDS BLEACHED WHEAT AFTER THIS YOU SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH NEGLECT AND THEN MURDER WHEN THE ONES YOU LOVE SUFFOCATE! DO YOU SHEEPLE UNDERSTAND ME?????????????????????????

Now NOTE THE FACT THAT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE IT WAS UPDATED ON MARCH 1.  Meaning the makers of the products FAILED TO TELL YOU that your food contains foam that CAUSES ASTHMA AND BRAIN PROBLEMS! It is so full of Carbon Dioxide and YOU NEED OXYGEN TO LIVE!

Please tell me you understand what I am saying. This is by far the bluntest thing I have ever written in my life but YOUR LIFE is at stake here and YOUR KIDS do NOT have a CHOICE because THEY DO NOT HAVE MONEY because they are to YOUNG to WORK. 

If you are over 18 and you LOVE the POISON I mean “food” so much and you “Can’t get enough” and you cant eat something healthier like a ORGANIC Banana or a vegetable instead of a Little Debbie because you do not have discipline then best of luck to you.

I really hope your food eating suicide is worth it and painless. Last I heard suffocating is one of the worst ways to die.

Now why I am I writing this lovely blog on this lovely rainy cloudy day????

Because of this….Note the bottom March 1….


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azodicarbonamide
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CAS number 123-77-3 YesY
PubChem 31269
ChemSpider 4575589 YesY
UNII 56Z28B9C8O YesY
EC-number 204-650-8
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C2H4N4O2
Molar mass 116.08 g mol−1
Appearance Yellow to orange/red crystalline powder
MSDS [1]
EU classification Harmful (XN)
R-phrases R42 R44
S-phrases S22 S24 S37
NFPA 704
NFPA 704.svg
 Yes(verify) (what is: YesY/N?) Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
Infobox references

Azodicarbonamide, or azobisformamide, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C2H4O2N4.[1] It is a yellow to orange red, odorless, crystalline powder. As a food additive, it is known by the E number E927.



Use as a food additive[edit]

As a food additive, azodicarbonamide is used as a flour bleaching agent and an improving agent. It reacts with moist flour as an oxidizing agent.[2] The main reaction product is biurea,[3] a derivative of urea, which is stable during baking. Secondary reaction products include semicarbazide[4] and ethyl carbamate.[5] The United States and Canada permit the use of azodicarbonamide at levels up to 45 ppm.[6][7] In Australia and Europe the use of azodicarbonamide as a food additive is banned.[8]

Other uses[edit]

The principal use of azodicarbonamide is in the production of foamed plastics as a blowing agent. The thermal decomposition of azodicarbonamide results in the evolution of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia gases, which are trapped in the polymer as bubbles to form a foamed article.

Azodicarbonamide as used in plastics, synthetic leather and other uses can be pure or modified. This is important because modification affects the reaction temperatures. Pure azodicarbonamide generally reacts around 200 °C. In the plastic, leather and other industries, modified azodicarbonamide (average decomposition temperature 170 °C) contains additives that accelerate the reaction or react at lower temperatures.

Azodicarbonamide as a blowing agent in plastics has been banned in Europe since August 2005 for the manufacture of plastic articles that are intended to come into direct contact with food.[9]


In the United States, azodicarbonamide has generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status and is allowed to be added to flour at levels up to 45 ppm.[10]

In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive has identified azodicarbonamide as a respiratory sensitizer (a possible cause of asthma) in workplace settings and determined that containers of it should be labeled with “May cause sensitisation by inhalation.”[11] The World Health Organization has linked azodicarbonamide to “respiratory issues, allergies and asthma” for individuals at workplaces where azodicarbonamide is manufactured or handled in raw form. The available data are restricted to these occupational environments. Exposure of the general public to azodicarbonamide could not be evaluated because of the lack of available data.[12]


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I WILL BLOG MORE ON THIS TOPIC LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Name Calling (My Response to Jimmy and Michele Obama)

You called us knuckleheads today what does that make your daughters? To young to be knuckleheads because they are to young to show up on TMZ dancing on a bar stool? I do not expect you to like that statement but we did not appreciate it either. First off this knucklehead generation you speak of is to BROKE to be dancing on a bar stool and we certainly have little to be dancing over. Many of us have either graduated college, are broke from attending college, or we were smart enough to see through the loans at a young age and opted out of participation.

Just like I opted out of participation from gaining a Federal Loan for a piece of paper….wait isn’t my Toilet Paper made out of the same thing that diploma is made from??….Can you please tell me what is the purpose of a loan again? I am going to be a knucklehead in the sides of all those who want me to buy again…..because I am refusing Obama care.

Despite what you say I do not qualify

1. I have the Divine Right of FREEDOM OF CHOICE….I CLAIM MY RIGHT TO DIVINE LAW  God/Divine cannot intervene with freedom of will certainly no power on earth can Divinely go against that. Unless you choose to challenge the energy of the Divine by going against free will. Which is a gift we were all given.

2. Money really does not have power over me so I do not wish to pay for health. That is a lie you cannot PAY for GOOD HEALTH

Once again HEALTH is a GIFT from the Divine all gifts are free.

With that being said I opt out and I do not qualify 🙂

You did not relate to me by stating that we might fall off bar stools and you certainly did not thrill any parents and help them run to the website to sign up. I think any sane parent is horrified by the thought of covering their child with healthcare until they are almost 30. If I had a child I would be afraid for that child because of one T.V. comedy skit. I would be afraid for my child to grow up under a Government who believes they will become nothing better then a slut or a pimp who dances on a pole or a table…….. 

Any child that has a sense of worth would never ever ever ask their parent to do such a thing for them.

Mrs. Obama we are not celebrities when will you realize that there is only one

BEYONCE! BTW I cannot stand her music either………….

I personally prefer music in the 432 hz range 🙂

What does that make your girls when they hit 21 and older????? One day everyone hits that age so you did not only insult us but you insulted your own children. 

If you are a person reading this such as myself keep that last statement in mind when you do feel angry over being insulted…..this parent just insulted her own kids………there is no reason to be angry or protest over this one day her two girls will be old enough to see this…what will they think?? How will they feel????

I believe they will be the last ones laughing……

What sane parent insults their children?  THAT IS BULLYING!!!!!!!!!

PARENTING YOUR NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am bored

I am bored and working is pointless. Not work itself. No I am not a lazy person I believe working for Gold is pointless. Working for a mineral “Good Girl!” is never going to get me anywhere. Its like Kindergarten for adults. Now the kid that behaves the best gets the candy bar. At least that’s what it was in my classroom in the 90s when I was a kid.

I call it mind training. If they can get you to work for candy as a child certainly you can learn to be a “Good adult” later and work for a mineral. It is amazing you all sacrifice family time only to find out you die and cannot take your house with you.

Within 4 generations the hard work you did for that house that the Monarchy really owns will be forgotten about and trashed. The kid that inherited it might remember the hard work you did for it. But their child won’t. They will not know you therefore they will never really respect you. Look at our United States Constitution….

We screwed that up didn’t we? (if a society can screw up a constitution your land and house are screwed!!!!)

You are working hard and losing time that you can never replaced. So what if you quit everything sold everything and simply went for a walk….

I am bored and I am going to go for a walk….

I am preparing now and I leave in 2015…

Yes there will be a blog on this so stay tuned…

I decided to do this because I got bored the other day. The super bowl news was pissing me off and its all I have heard about for a damn month now. It does not help that the day of my birthday falls on a Satanic Holiday just my fracking Karma! I am really sick of society and its b.s. so its time to go for a walk.

I went on a walk that was random and I did not stop until I was exhausted…in total 20 miles!

2015 will be epic!

How bored are you? Are you bored and pissed off enough yet to just say screw it and do something random? Or are you to attached to the Almighty Gold Oil and Diamonds aka the Eloheim?

Or do you love the Good? Yes there is something that rules higher then the Eloheim…

Have a good walk and I hope you take one!


Who is your Handler ???

Family Guy?

It seems wherever I go someone is watching this show at a library, on a ferry, bus, in their home, or walking down the street. Yes walking down the street.  I  saw a bus with a picture of a woman crossing a road texting not looking up and it was warning drivers to be aware of texting and walking. An ignorant society has been created: people are now texting while crossing the road and getting hit….

Some people think things like this are funny. They actually laugh at the pain of others first before asking if they are okay. Other people stand around to prevent the awkwardness of a potentially bad situation. Then you have another group who will simply dial 911 and wait for the professionals. People now just freeze and stare as if life itself is a T.V. show playing out in front of them. Why wouldn’t it be though? Blood, guts, murder, and rape are the new funny and the new excitement.

Have you ever asked a Stranger what their story is? Try it sometime. Usually you will hear a story start out that they grew up in a Christian family but someone raped and molested them. This is the norm today in American society. One out of Three women have been raped. All the teenagers you see walking down the street have either been or will be a future victim. One out of Three report a rape case. How many go unreported? How many people are molested a year that do not report it? Come to think of it…I have never heard one person say they have never been sexually taken advantage of in some way. Some of todays adults had a great childhood and it was another adult that hurt them! I cannot believe there are still adults taking advantage of other people! Adult what? I do not know.  Someone who does these things is certainly unhuman…or unhumane

So now I am asking myself: What is causing this Numbness? What is causing this to be the new normal? What is causing humans to stop being human? Why are we turning into monsters and losing our humanity?

The answer comes from the television or the ownership of the idiot box. It is really like the television owns people these days. All they do is go to their stupid pointless jobs and come home face book something about their children and then turn on the slave master box. Yes the T.V is your master and you are its slave and the idiot for becoming the slave.

Oh not you? You do not do this! Great pass this on to someone that is doing it this very second. You probably have a husband, wife, child, cousin that is currently watching something retarded somewhere or has a program they are addicted to. That is why it is called a program it is MIND programming. HA! HA! HA! Get it?? I made a funny!

Wait! That was not funny was it…oh that is only funny in shows like Family Guy.

I can now take a serious issue like rape or murder add some blood and guts to a cartoon character make the situation look hilarious and suddenly everyone laughs. I can become a billionaire within six months on everyone else’s pain! How awesome is that? Yeah rape is looking sexy through bondage jokes and murder looks funny through a cartoon character getting beat by a stick or hit by a car….

We have just taken a type of pain most of you carry and made it hilarious. This helps numb your own inner pain because now it becomes funny to you. You can now think of the rape or molestation that happened to you or whatever the case may be and think of a cartoon character.

This technique was designed by the Nazi’s to control the masses. It is called MK Ultra Programming. Yes the torture of humans is supposed to be illegal and I am sure celebrities willingly shave their head because it is the new style…not because a handler is really putting electrical probes on their head and electrocuting them until they feel almost dead.

Then they leave the body and they call it the Monarch butterfly and they float above the body. While this happens the person is out of the body and cannot control what is going onto the physical so the handler can literally create a second person. Sometimes the Handler will torture that individual. Other times it is someone else like a psychiatrist.  This is why you have disorders such as Split Personality Disorder.

This is okay in fact they drug the victims so they do not even remember this happened to them. Often times this training starts before the age of six. The person will  only wake up and see the Handler who is then freeing them from the torture they just caused. Making the victim believe that the Handler is good and is protecting them. No matter who dues the torturing the Handler or whoever it is that person is met to trust for life will appear as the rescuer….to create unlimited open free trust between the two.

This allows manipulation from anywhere at any point. That victim does not want to let that person down who saved them. So they will do whatever they say anything to not lose that relationship with them.

The T.V. is like that performers handler in your life. It takes the pain that you or someone close to you experienced and plays it back to you in a way that is exciting or funny.

If you have never experienced pain in your own life then the idea of causing pain might become funny to you. Everyone else laughs when Brian the Dog gets hit by a car. So maybe it is funny in real life. What happens when we take a 6 year old child and they watch only the T.V. while the parents are at work all day? One day that six year old is now sixteen learning to drive. The zombie shows, the cartoons, the guns, the rape and other nasty things are now funny. If I do this I will be popular and cool because everyone laughs!

I have heard everyone loves a dirty joke.

You are under the joke if you pay for cable. They call it a contract for a reason. It binds you to the T.V.  A contract means a bind or a bond. You pay for it every month missing out on other things during the year such as a vacation. That will later cause resentment and pain within the family because you chose an electronic device over a sibling, a mom, dad, child, cousin, aunt, uncle or maybe your best friend like your very husband or wife. As those relationships weaken you will cling harder to someone else’s reality as well as someone else’s humor in pain.

After all you have lost everything that was real. So now I must ask you WHO IS YOUR HANDLER?

I laugh at this: You call this a Christian Nation. You pray and go to church but stuff like this makes the ratings????
Websites such as this one should make the ratings