Please Come to the Front…

If you believe the earth is over crowded well you are a person living on this earth. Can you be the first person to step up to dispose yourself of this over crowded place? Oh no? You do not like that idea? Oh everyone else is over populating the planet I see how it is.

-The idea going around that we are over populated is an IDEA it is not FACT. Meaning it is an Opinion presented as fact through propaganda.

Fact and Logic is telling me that we need to have a RESOURCE based ECONOMY. Meaning we only eat what is in season, we step away from money, and we work towards healing our land.

If you still feel like the earth is over populated…

Bill and Melinda Gates would love to assist you with your opinionated problem.





Rant of the day

Nobody likes polluted water from fracking unless you profit from it and do not care if your wife and children are murdered from heavy metal poisoning over a chunk of gold..or husband…whichever sex you prefer or are…

Few are making the obvious change to stop fracking from happening so I guess millions love poisoning…if you hate fracking why are you still driving?