Mhee lives without money-Here is the Power of Mhee


My thought in the wee hours of the AM


I feel like I am stuck in a gigantic male locker room with each country claiming their piece of land and system is bigger and  better then the other one. It does not matter the size or the performance if each person in the locker room has an STD!  

So why does it matter if the leaders of your country are yelling and screaming that they are bigger and better then the other one? It does not. It wont matter who is bigger or better or what laws, policies, and trade deals went wrong on each end when that red button is pushed. One nuclear device impacts everyone. Regardless of what your media is telling you or your leader do you feel like one human from another country is honestly better then the other one? Do you feel like every person from that other country is your enemy? Or maybe they were simply born somewhere without a choice? Maybe the media is making us all enemies by throwing labels out such as patriot, terrorist, communist, socialist, republican, democrat, etc. hmmmm….

Maybe just maybe we are none of those labels and we are all just a race who needs to start supporting and loving our earth.

Our labels are simply a distraction into making our brains feel like we have something to scream about and stay frustrated over. The pharmaceutical industry makes bank due to war time depression meds no matter what country your from.  The factories will re open to create tanks, missiles, etc and your husbands and sons will be sent out without a guarantee they will come home. Not only will it be your sons this time…now your daughters are at risk of going. All for a chunk of that GOLD PIE it tastes great but man it leaves you bloated and weak. If you eat to much it will kill you.

Keep this all in mind before we decide we need to scream that USA is better then Russia or Russia is better then the USA. Or the Middle east is full of terrorist and the USA is full of infidels. We all know those statements are not truth!

No your religion will not save you either however your intelligence and knowledge will.

Do not fear educate yourself! Go read some ancient history…..NOW.

You may exit the locker room now…the door is on the right….

Did Hitler escape Germany on a Subermine?

Well yes of course he did! Of course the FBI assisted and covered it up. He only fled to Argentina..(wait wasn’t our last pope from )Argentina a self proclaimed Nazi??!!! 

 All those hours in history class…pointless absolutely pointless. Read it and go for a walk or something no sense in getting angry everyone was played. Just know everything else you think is correct is most likely wrong.

Mysterious flash….

“They said the locals were joking about aliens..I personally think they threw the word joking in the article to make it sound like all the locals were crazy. Chances are your a local person of a local place. Are you crazy?”

My deep thoughts of the evening….

You say you do not love money but you still rent or pay a mortgage…

How strong is your faith? Oh its not in the physical hand so therefore it is not real. Money fills the physical hand…everything else runs through it…air….you cant hold it. Food…it will melt, crumble or rot. Water you can freeze it and hold it but the glove costs money. Try to hold that water without the glove….it will run out of your hand as well.

Everything you PHYSICALLY  NEED cannot be held in your hand…..

Think about that for a second…then ask yourself

  • What shape is faith?
  • What does faith taste like?
  • What does faith smell like?
  • How does faith feel on your skin?

You cannot even hold onto a human hand forever….eventually it would sweat and the skin would decompose in your very hand……..

Another daily Ponderation topic

This Seattle Seahawks stuff is some serious fluff. It does not make sense at all. We can get an ESTIMATED 500,000 people TOGETHER across the GLOBE for a PARADE in Seattle.

I am severely ashamed. Not for my country no. I love the idea of Freedom. PEOPLE make me ashamed. (ignore this if you do not care about football or this stupid event. This is not directed at every person in the world. So do not take it personally unless you are guilty.)

 This is what I despise. Obama said the approval of Congress no longer matters. AKA: YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS NO LONGER EXIST.

Hundreds of thousands of people can gather within a week to celebrate their foot ball gods but they cannot at least speak out in a large group PEACEFULLY regarding our rights.


Schools were called off!!!!!!!!

Football is more important then our education are you kidding me???

It will NOT feed you, Clothe you, shelter you, or give you love. It certainly will not help you sleep.

You have to learn to be independent children need LEARNING!


All people can do is praise and bow down to players.

What would happen if Jesus came down from wherever he comes from and saw that?

No there is no more redemption at least in my book. That is why there is a savior everyone is waiting for. This savior person would have to have the patience that only the DIVINE can contain to deal with this amount of stupidity.

In the meantime I am going to listen to some Art Bell or something while people do stupid things.

Go ahead tell me I am raining on your parade and crushing your freedom because I think YOUR parade is STUPID

Just like Santa is stupid

These players will never do anything for me personally.

Therefore I do not care. The water is being poisoned across America right now so I have better things to worry about.

R2-D2 is Real….

A California company has built a 5 foot Robot cop model that can scan 1500 license plates a minute and detect the energy of a crowd. This is being released on a street near you

Click here to read the rest

Of course this is all about the “kids” and we have to keep another Sandy Hook case from happening again. …its all about the kids and the safety of them right? We also cannot forget those terrorists….man we are so terrorized everyday.

Here is some BIG news I went out in public yesterday and I did NOT see ONE terrorizing terroristic person!  Could it be its a scare to get us all to actually love computers, robots, and phones? Love your micro chips! They will keep you safe!

Chips are only good for one thing going crunch in my mouth! ( I prefer Kettle they are GMO free…)

The Pros

  • Taxes MAY go down over this
  • Less Police action on the streets
  • People will become aware of every action reducing crime (hopefully)

The Negative

  • Chances are your taxes will not go down. They will find another way to tax you so that way they get there money. The Government is tired of employees however they are not tired of income. Keep this in mind when you see this promoted across your cities over the next twenty years.
  • The computer will call you a criminal before you even get a chance.
  • It will most likely link to your smart phone and detect data off of that
  • A lot of people will be put out of work