Did Hitler escape Germany on a Subermine?

Well yes of course he did! Of course the FBI assisted and covered it up. He only fled to Argentina..(wait wasn’t our last pope from )Argentina a self proclaimed Nazi??!!! 

 All those hours in history class…pointless absolutely pointless. Read it and go for a walk or something no sense in getting angry everyone was played. Just know everything else you think is correct is most likely wrong.



Hitler cared?????

Shocking no? This evening I asked myself a question and did some research to see if Hitler ate animals or did not eat animals…..

WHAT IS YOUR GUESS? The answer is in the video…..(Hitlers book: Table Talk)

Yes even Part of Hitler was humane. However almost killing off an entire race is not okay no matter what your beliefs may be about that race. Education solves problems. Listening solves problems. Guns, anger, violence, gas chambers, and torture do not.

INCLUDING THE TORTURE OF ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!