What if???

The issues we see in the United States of America are not President Obama or Mr. President Bush?

What if the real problem is us?

What if all the bad we are seeing is only our own faults? What if it is nothing more then the same chaos we see within stretched outside into the physical wherever we go?

What happens on the inside so to shall happen on the outside…….

So stop blaming the people you vote for…Look inside of yourself you create the world you reside in. If you are chaotic and depressed the problem may lie within your own soul. If you realize that you might stop driving or doing things like eating meat……

Who knows what realizations can happen if we take personal responsibility and independence for ourselves. Not from our Government for Ourselves. There is a difference!

Our Government is only an example of us because we vote them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cant stop with thoughts…another one..

I see a lot of Good people praying about having Good things happen…

You hear it Dear Holy almighty Creator,

Please heal all from cancer, poverty, and make the starving children have food.

BTW I am sorry for my sins and Ill never do it again as long as you help us.

Please note all the sarcasm I mean who really prays like that? Through the sarcasm I hope you can catch my drift here.

A Question:

How often did Jesus pray? I mean really how often do you hear Jesus crying to his Dad over the problems on the Planet…..??? (cricket)

Other then praying for ignorance to go away or while healing someone…0

So when is the human race going to get off their knees and start some action? I mean really it is time to stop praying about poverty and planting some damn gardens already! Do you see how that works. You were given everything you needed the day you were born. You just allowed yourself to follow a bunch of stupid rules that prevent you from doing so. Not even Jesus can save you from that…

He didn’t follow the rules either and look what happened???

But yet we still do the same things every fracking day…..You are the mouse on the wheel..no different from the one at Petco.

Yes the snake will eat it. That is what happens to mice they become snake food. Don’t worry I live in the same aquarium you do. Until we all get off the wheels we are all snake food.



Eleven Steps…

To a Peaceful world

  1. Your Religion is not the only one and we are learning more about ancient history today. I know that you might believe your religion is 100 percent correct whatever it is but what if that one piece of evidence shows everything everyone knows is wrong? Understand that what you believe to be truth is only YOUR truth and the truth of others like you. You need to be open to the idea that yours could possibly have error within it so that way your mind is open to listen to others of a different Religion! Within every Religion contains a different way to view life. I am sure you can at least view a few things in your own life differently or be open to that possibility whether its as simple as how you eat, dress, or view yourself. I am sure everyone can improve on something even you because not one of us is perfect!
  2. Accept you because we have enough of the same in this world. We need new ideas and community planning. We need new ways to thrive even if it means failure to certain aspects. We tried something new with Industrialization and obviously it has failed. We need something newer an update of sorts. Your creativity will help the rest of humanity live a better life. Even if the world does not know who you are.
  3. Fear leads to hate and avoidance. Look we have all been scared as a world since way before 9/11. 9/11 really put a shock into those of us who are younger who were born in the 80s and 90s to those of you older it probably did not surprise you as much to see a tragedy. On 9/11 I was in Catholic School a Sophomore. I knew nothing about the Muslim faith. I knew the faith existed and they dressed differently. I did not understand the differences or why. Because 9/11 happened I began opening my mind and embracing other faiths and cultures. I learned about the horror war can cause and I learned that supporting my country does not mean time under the military it means loving other people no matter who they are or where I go. It means growing food in an organic way and keeping my planet clean so all human and animal life is respected. 9/11 showed me the flaws of what seemed to be a good way of life at the time. It opened my eyes to knew ideas and the problems we face. It opened my eyes to how little I actually know and understand about war and poverty.
  4. Educate yourself. For some reason most of the people I personally know in America do not do a lot of education beyond college. That is if people go to college now. My parents generation could afford education but my generation is in a lot of debt and most of us have realized that college does not guarantee work. On a good note we have the internet and library as almost free resources. No matter where you are at in life you can find a library. If you can read this right now you have the ability to learn something every day. So learn one new idea a day even if that is all you can do. That way you are not afraid. In fact click the link tab above this screen and open this link http://zidbits.com/ It is really one of probably millions that contains random information and facts.
  5. Understand Race If you are Native American my heart really does go out to you. You are the one Race of people within the United States that has yet to gain any rights back from what you have lost. Sure you can speak and try to stand up for the planet but you are not being heard very loudly by mainstream media. It really breaks my heart. To every race the issues we have faced and continue to face including Caucasians is huge. The issues of separation do not lie within the human heart. Every human wishes to be accepted naturally by everyone. The issues lie through separation of language, boarders, laws, music, living style , and beliefs. Which leads to fear because we fear what we do not understand or know.  Because every race is shown a different music or a different culture we stick with that with the fear of learning something new or hearing it. We are afraid it will slap the creator in the face that we personally believe in. Or that we will not truly be that race or the way we were born if we experience something new. The reason why every race is shown something different is because each type of people has created there own system of living from where they originated from. Your culture from a hot climate is going to be different from a culture of a cold climate. Do you see? Go back to your roots no matter what race you are because your roots are unique. Go back through your history and you will learn that every race has oppressed their own and it continues to this day. We continue to oppress each other and there is not a good reason for it other then fear and misunderstanding. Once you understand the true history of your own race you need to go back through the history of every other race on this earth and learn it. That way there is no more room for fear and blame of oppression. If you oppress out of race you become the oppressor. Does that make sense? Do not hate the same race that oppresses you. They fear something to be so cruel. Personally I feel sad for those that fear people of another race especially in the year 2014. We should be ready to embrace life from another Galaxy by now. We cannot do that at all if we cannot embrace all life on our own planet!
  6. Eating Look being vegetarian is not a religious issue or belief issue it is a create a better planet issue. No just because I am vegan and you are a meat eater does not make me better then you and you are not better then me. We are losing acres upon acres of trees that are hundreds of years older then you! It is not fair and we need fresh oxygen on this planet to thrive! Please stop eating meat or at least agree to consume less. Can you agree to a meatless Monday and a Meatless Friday? Come on Catholics I used to be Catholic you give meat up for lent anyway on Friday!
  7. The Elderly. This week take the time out to talk to someone older then you. Not every older face you see is a person with dementia! The elderly are often left forgotten because they are not the models we often see on the cover of Vogue. They are not what you see in a healthy advertisement. You can see a “healthy” older person clapping their hands or going for a walk in a drug commercial but how many advertisements do you see directed towards the elderly to enhance their health?….cricket…..im going to be waiting long time for an answer if your media consists of regular T.V. No Viagra does not count! Neither do the insulin advertisements! These are people that know a lot more then you and have a lot to say. In fact their words often contain unwritten history and advice. I believe if you are younger you can learn something from someone older then you. So while you are in the grocery line say hi to that elderly man or woman behind you and ask them for random life advice. I can guarantee they will walk away feeling listened to and a little more better then what they did when they woke up this morning!
  8. The Younger people need to be listened to by the elderly. Despite how much make up or tattoos we carry we are not bad people. Time changed and the younger crowd expresses themselves in different ways. I know it is not exactly what we were born with but it is what was embraced. However we do have a drive to listen and learn and we do not want to be judged or put down. If you are older just like we need to talk with you more you need to talk with us more. Say hi to us at the store or randomly give us advice for our lives. Especially if you do notice something wrong. Quit shoving your parents in nursing homes. I hope your mom and dad wiped your rear while you were small. If they did it is now time to wipe theirs if they can no longer do so! It is called Karma baby! One day you will be older too…..
  9. Giving up one toxic thing this year may not make a world of difference but it can create a different and better you. If you drink to much or eat to much. Whatever it is you do to much its toxic. Did you watch to much Football this fall? Yes? Instead of watching Football this fall like you have every fall take the 6 hours and put it into a fall walk with the family or reading. Something other then the T.V! Keep in mind you can read the score for free on news sites. You don’t have to watch the game to be in the know!
  10. Love is the best and most important thing you can do today to make a difference. Even when you are mad do not get angry. Understand the reason why you are angry at something and see what you can change about it. Love is just that it is love. It has nothing to do with sex. It is simply looking into the eyes of another living creature and seeing that soul. Love is seeing the best in someone even if it is not apparent to you or them anyway. See the best in even your worst enemy even if we are at war.
  11. Be honest. Being honest to not only yourself and others in everything that you do will save you from further pain. So tell the truth and never make a bed you cannot get out of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are eleven steps to a better you and world. If you can pick even just one of these ten things and do them consistently you will make a difference. It might not be obvious to you but it will have an impact greater then you will ever understand!  Thanks for reading this and participating!

Hug More


I am reading the book Quantum Touch and the Power to Heal by Richard Gordon. Personally I do not have a perfect working body as well as a lot of my family members and friends. Energy healing has fascinated me since well I learned that Jesus could do it in Sunday School. I have always wanted to know why others cannot do this when he walked around with his disciples teaching others to do this. Jesus is not the only healer of the past he is just one of the most popular healers.

I went to the Reiki/health section of the library and found this book. It is definitely worth the read so far. (BTW healing like Jesus is not impossible…at least according to this book modern people do this every day)

I am going to give you a quote out of it and then go on from there…

The Indians living in a “primitive” community in the Brazilian Jungle, were held constantly when they were young. As the children grew up, they exhibited no violent behavior.  In her two and one half years with this tribe she realized that children WILLINGLY OBEYED their elders, and that toddlers played PEACEFULLY together WITHOUT arguing or FIGHTING. Consider that in our “modern” society  it is still a common practice for babies to be separated from their mothers at birth due to medical intervention in maternity wards. These isolated babies hear nothing but the crying of other newborns. Away from the arms of their mothers, they cry themselves to sleep.


Now do you see the issue with the feminist movement? This is not a movement in fact it is a slaughter of the mother/child relationship. When I was working full time I would see the stress lined all over the faces of the mothers I worked with. This was at a nursing home facility and I can tell you right now any parent working in the medical field does not have their brain 100 percent on the job. Their brain is back at home. “Who is this person taking care of my child?” “Is my kid having a good day at school?”” Is my child sleeping good tonight?”  “The flu is going around is my baby sick?”  What makes me even more sad is when a child is actually sick and the mom is not able to leave her job to take care of her life. Often mothers have to make the decision between putting food in the mouth of their babies or separation.

During the settlement period of the United States children were raised very close to their mothers. Usually the father would have to travel long distances to find work or hunt. Depending on the situation the father would be gone for a few days to a few years especially in the time of war. Today a woman can pump out a screaming 8 pound baby then 2 months later pick up a gun and go to combat….Isn’t that disguising? All in the name of the feminist movement. While the men were at war it was common for a female to leave their children at school or with a family member while the mother worked.  Women in the work industry has only gotten larger over time.

Can’t you see Reader that the feminist movement has created separation between you and your child? The Government has put a price tag on your child while he or she is in school and later ends up in the Prison system.  If your child does not end up in the prison system there is a bigger price in keeping your child’s brain locked down on ADD medication or anti depressants. Whatever the consequences you and your family receives because both parents work away from home and strangers are raising the child the government gains thousands of dollars.

Besides both parents working in todays society a lot of new parents believe that leaving the baby alone to cry is a good thing to do. Parents have a natural fear that the child will never want to separate and this will create a clingy adult. This is a very Freudian concept and one that is horribly outdated and needs to be thrown out. I am not saying baby your child but do not leave your child with strangers all day long. Do not leave your baby screaming in another room a way from you. That baby is screaming for a reason something is wrong. That baby cannot talk and tell you what is wrong. You are only breaking the trust bond with the child by NOT being their when that baby needs you.  Trust is one thing that is hard for anyone to earn back and also the easiest thing to lose.

What worked for the Native Americans can work for a Modern day society and we really need to go back to the Earthly way of raising our kids. They are not material objects who run by gold coins.


Heal your Mind

Music can either create peace or create war. Plato debated this subject. It was realized that any music resonating higher then 432 hz can actually create harm throughout the entire universe. The universal tone is 432 hz. Anything higher then this creates disruption in your body and mind. Choosing to listen to harmful music especially meaningless music creates war and havoc. I know in this society it is hard to be mindful of what you listen to all the time. Please start to take notice and if you, your child, spouse, or a friend chooses to blare music that is unhealthy inform them of this. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to this video. I hope it made your morning or evening a good one! Peace and Love to you!

The Lesbian Gay Transgender community

This is a touchy subject and one that can cause problems such as death threats. I am going to risk it all and say what needs to be said. Look I am straight and I am happy to be that way. Just like I do not want my rights to be threatened I do not want to see the rights of people who live alternative lifestyles threatened. Just like I want to be happy I recognize the happiness others wish to pursue.

With that being said here are my problems with this rights issue.

1. Buisinesses are being forced to create wedding cakes for those that pursue same sex marriage even though they do not believe in it.

Look I know it sucks you might not be able to buy the cake that you want or that dress whatever it is you are being denied because of your sexuality. That is really a painful thing that others cannot see that two humans want to buy something to celebrate the commitment they are making. Considering the fact the economy is hurting it is kind of lame that small buisinesses would not want the money drawn into the location. Lets talk about beliefs for a second. Not every Religion supports the idea of equal marriage among everyone. When others protest against that business because they do not support equal marriage rights its inflicting right issues against that business. THE RIGHT TO PURSUE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.  Those that do not accept your  il”legal” tender are not telling you they hate you but they do not want to sell out their religious beliefs for Gold. Does that make sense? It is kind of like a celebrity that claims Christianity (Katie Perry) but then tells little girls to be famous they must sell their soul to the Devil. No I am not saying you are selling your soul to the devil by supporting the same gender community. That is not it at all. However you are selling out your beliefs if you choose to support it even though your religious beliefs say not to. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

The Solution: Find a business who does not care who you are or what you believe. Who simply do a good job and want to make money. Maybe you can find a business that DOES support YOUR marriage. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone anyway who is happy for you? Genuinely happy? I know I would vs someone who is putting angry energy into my wedding cake.

 You need to find good local quality goods without suing someone over your rights. When you sue someone over your rights you are denying them of their own rights. Nobody wants rights denied either way. It is not fair for a business to make CNN or Fox News for refusing service and being sued.

Celebs Speaking Out

It makes me sad that we live in a society full of insecure people who feel the need to have to speak out on their sexuality. It does not affect me who you are with or what you do. I love the talent that celebrities share with us. I do not love their sexuality whether they are straight or not. We follow you because you have a skill and we admire it. We do not want to be influenced by others sexual decisions and choices. We need to move on past the barbaric mindset of sexuality separation. It really is no big deal who someone else loves unless it is involved with your children or marriage directly. Which then it becomes a personal problem. I hope that it does you love your children no matter who they are or what they are for who they are. The Divine created them therefore they deserve to be loved? Got it? Love does not include judgment. Love includes learning and growth. Ellen Page recently spoke out and I remember her for her talent in movies like Juno and the other one where she was in that skating competition. I love her spirit as a person I believe she is a young centered good person who can do amazing things. Did I care she is not straight? No. I love her talent and the good she brings to the world. At least the good I HOPE she does bring. Sexuality has nothing to do with it.

Gender in the Military

If I am a straight person who is married or single I do not want to have to worry about someone that is non straight to hit on me if I was in the military. That is a fear of mine having males hit on me and it happens. Rape on both sides happen. That is the scary fact. Women would bunk with women to separate the rape risk between men and women. Men chill with men in the sleeping quarters to avoid women from raping them. Now what if you have someone that is the same sex who has an addiction? This leaves straight men and women potentially open to not be in a safe place. I have been almost raped by someone of the same sex as me. It is not a fun experience an unfortunately this does happen. It is scary to have another female try to climb on top of you against your consent. I shoved this person backwards and they did not get very far. Sadly this is not the circumstance every person experiences. Rape happens in both the straight and the non straight communities. Can we have females who like females and males who like males in the same sleeping quarters without rape occurring? I hope and pray as a society one day we can. Until every person grows up and can look at someone without seeing breasts or the penis and they only see a human being we will never see a safe environment like that. Until then we need to find away to allow people of any gender to safely pursue a career. I hope that makes sense. It is not anything against lesbians or gays it is simply as a straight person I do not want to be held down by a female or two who thinks I am sexy. Once again this was almost my reality and it does happen.

Family Acceptance

If your parents do not accept you or another family member does not for who you are know that is okay. That does not make them a bad person they simply cannot digest it considering the religion. If they are threatening towards you that is very sad because no matter who we are or what we do or have done we are still human beings. That is the thing all of us are human. If you do have someone that is close to you that is this way try to move past the religious side of it and love that family member because they are a human being. Look at the good that they do not just what you see as bad.

Religious Acceptance

Please do not force what you want to do on another religion that is not very fair. Just like you want freedom to live your life without persecution so do people of certain religions. Unfortunately Priests and Pastors receive death threats for refusing services. Unfortunately people who ask for services or permission to get married receive death threats. Is it fair on either end? No never. It is not. There are states that allow Court house marriages. There are churches that allow same sex marriages. Find one that SUPPORTS you. Do not force someone to support you through suing. That is not okay. You are literally wrecking someone else’s life over your beliefs? There own financial stability? Is it okay to destroy others just to get a point across? I understand getting rid of businesses that support slave labor or child labor. Getting rid of a business or a church because it does not support a lifestyle is barbaric.

Am I living in the Middle Ages?

What’s my time period Again?

The LBGT community is actually causing distractions from other issues like:




We create war by forcing the rights of other people on others who do not wish to have them. Look at the conquering of the Catholic Church…????? Forcing Jesus on others did not create world peace nor will it ever. Just like forcing the same sex issue on straight people will not help them accept you it will only make them angry at you as they see their own religious rights dissolve. Once again work with businesses and organizations that support you!!!!!

If this pollution continues you will never get to enjoy being married anyway. You will simply hold the hand of the one you love while you both die of cancer or suffocation. It is your pick at the current pollution rates. Can we stop focusing on the rights of everyone and do something so we can have rights to live for???? Because none of us are going to live long if we keep allowing chemtrails to happen just sayin.

Once again what time period am I living in? Why do people work for only a few cents a day in this “modern” society just so I can go to FailMart and buy my goods at a low low cost. It is not a low cost when other people are beat or work in cold conditions or conditions that are to hot. Or a child skips out on learning to read because they are paying for their disabled parents. Should you be allowed to buy a rug that a child broke their back over to make? No that should be against everyones rights. But unfortunately it is not.

When will we stop being distracted by an issue that should not be an issue to begin with?????

Can we please move on no matter what community we are involved with and choose to focus on a better society? It will not be created through screaming about marriage. We need to be screaming about pollution, genocide, war, greed, poverty, and modern slavery.

Nobody wants their daughter sold to a pimp as a sex slave. As long as a family is starving someone’s son or daughter has a price on their head.

Please realize debates like this are simply a DISTRACTION from what is REAL.

P.S. I am a straight person who loves everyone and I really do not care who you love. If you feel like you want to be married go ahead and do that. If a piece of paper tells you that you are in love then go get that piece of paper. Because that is all your love will become that LEGAL TENDER to BENEFITS as a COUPLE. Is there love in money? No. So if you want that piece of paper like a straight person can go get go ahead and get it. You deserve to be equally as miserable under a piece of paper as the straight community has been for thousands of years. Look at the divorce rates if you do not believe me.

That piece of paper does not define LOVE. -END RANT