What if???

The issues we see in the United States of America are not President Obama or Mr. President Bush?

What if the real problem is us?

What if all the bad we are seeing is only our own faults? What if it is nothing more then the same chaos we see within stretched outside into the physical wherever we go?

What happens on the inside so to shall happen on the outside…….

So stop blaming the people you vote for…Look inside of yourself you create the world you reside in. If you are chaotic and depressed the problem may lie within your own soul. If you realize that you might stop driving or doing things like eating meat……

Who knows what realizations can happen if we take personal responsibility and independence for ourselves. Not from our Government for Ourselves. There is a difference!

Our Government is only an example of us because we vote them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To those Older then me….


  1. Walmart
  2. Where is the nature?
  3. Concrete everywhere
  4. Sluts on the billboards, T.V, music
  5. Fracking Video Games
  6. Horrible Music
  7. You all stopped smoking Marijuana and told us it was bad
  8. You put us in the DARE program in school because you were convinced it was bad
  9. You gave my generation cancer
  10. You shoved artificial juice down our throats while telling us it was juice…
  11. You told us to EAT BEEF ITS WHATS FOR DINNER- Remember the T.V???
  12. You were convinced the real food our Grandmothers gave you was fake and you went to the store for better food
  13. You taught us to be lazy and convenience is the way to go
  14. You told us creativity is dead and to learn to be professional
  15. You taught us to take out loans
  16. You sent us to facilities with adults you said you could trust but we were raped instead
  17. You shoved us into a mind programming public school
  18. You forced needles to us even though we scram as babies and toddlers
  19. You told us to behave and that it would all be okay
  20. You convinced everyone terrorism is a real threat when really its an underground religious battle that dates back to Biblical times.
  21. You stopped watching Space after we landed on the moon
  22. You introduced us to cable T.V
  23. You introduced us to MTV
  24. Our Fathers introduced our sons to stripping poles and play boy because they did it first. Of course the kid will follow the parent.
  25. You drank in front of us. Oh its just a wine cooler it doesn’t mean anything.
  26. You taught us food is a comfort
  27. You lied to us about Santa Claus
  28. You shoved us in cramped living spaces called cities
  29. Most of us are obese because organic food is a rarity.
  30. You embraced Round up so you didn’t have to pull some damn weeds
  31. You sent us all to war in the name of religion and country.
  32. You shoved those older to you in nursing homes!!!!!!
  33. You taught your daughters how to wear make up
  34. One of the first things you taught your sons was to hold a gun
  35. You did not teach your children inner peace
  36. You failed to teach us meditation
  37. You decided oil was the way to go
  38. Nuclear Energy will free us all!
  39. You still continue to ignore everything
  40. Now all is polluted……………….


You expect me to follow your example??? Are you on crack?? Please share whatever you are smoking the delusions must be amazing!

Now I Have help to pull those older then me as well as the younger crowd out of this mess you all created????


Michele Obama-Journey To China

Stay tuned and updated as Michele Obama tours China with her daughters. Why? Because it is important for Americans to understand and appreciate Chinese Culture and Michele is representing America with their culture. I mean we have Beyoncé and stuff correct? ERMGERHD I am so excited! To end her epic trip she is taking her 2 beautiful gorgeous daughters to the Panda breeding center. I cannot wait to see how this trip goes! Trips are fun for all! Even when you are being left behind…I love photographs.

Click here to read more…


Of course this is all tax payer funded and YOU SHALL BE GRATEFUL because you will become educated about the real China right?

While she is on her journey Barak is going to enjoy alone time in the White house dealing with Diplomatic Decisions. Decisions decisions…

Tonights posts may have been graphic…

I understand tonight’s posts might have been a little to shocking or offending to some viewers. If you have not been following me long then this is a very fast lesson of my blunt writing.

When I make a point I make a point what can I say? 12 years of Mind Control training and you have kids graduating that are now adults ……….This is the world you created 1960’s generation.

To my generation……..Get your kids off the T.V. and kick them outside! I would love to have to make a few sound complaints due to kids being to loud in the evening because they are playing outside!

To see the issue to the problem at hand all I have to do is rewind my life back to eighth grade when the fourteen year old girls in the Catholic school I attended were picking out swings and naming them after N’sync Members….Where did they learn this crap? MTV. I was a loser kid who did not have MTV and yes I got made fun of! Yes I hated my parents for it! WE FOUGHT OVER IT!!!!

(THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR SAYING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

These 14 year old kids who are now almost 30 were humping the swings calling them by boy band names…this was in 1999- 2000 people!!!!!!!!!! (Now you know my REAL age :))

Let this be a lesson to you parents your kids are not safe in either Private or Public school. YOU CREATED THE LIFE-I know it only took a few minutes…..NOW DEAL WITH IT FOR 18 YEARS! THE STATE and COUNTRY IS NOT YOUR SUGAR DADDY!!!!!  CAN THE WORLD STOP RAISING IGNORANCE!

If you cannot educate or read this blog do not procreate. If some of these words on this page are a little to big for you for the love of Something do not have sex!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See I get mad at just the idea of IGNORANCE that I create another rant about the responsibilities the majority do not take when it comes to raising life….

The responsibility of pulling a plug on an electric device, breaking a charger, or smashing things as needed…… (If you need to lower stress by lowering the family bills this is a great solution. Start here and take note. )

If you cannot uphold the duties of ripping the stupidity out of your child’s finger tips then do not procreate. If you believe the Public or Private school systems are a great thing for your child and you cannot be a stay at home educating mom or dad….do not have sex!

Thank you to all teens who read this and choose responsibility whether you are a parent or not!!!! The choice is yours and so are the consequences of the action!

If you were an ignorant parent who did not think very deeply PLEASE START THINKING and do the RIGHT THING.

If you do not learn something every day shoot yourself in the foot….because you wasted it.

I personally do not care it was graphic and I am sorry if you were not mature enough to handle the posts that you may or may not have seen.


A Public Experiment

If any of you are empathic you will understand when I say everything hurts around me. Am I weird that when I step outside I cannot relax? I see power lines above my head and I feel like I am in jail. A person can no longer just see sky.

In fact you cannot drive 200 miles anymore without running into a McDonald’s.  This is a deeply personal side of me that I keep quiet because there is little I can do other then vent about it. I am only one person and there is nothing really I can do on my own regarding this. As long as you keep supplying money to the wrong things free energy will continue to be an impossible dream to have. People have accomplished this and power lines could be abolished completely but the almighty Gold Oil and Diamonds rule. It is even put on the dollar bill. Catch my drift of why we trust Gold Oil and Diamonds? (Hint look at the symbols in the 3 bold letters above this. Please tell me you are awake enough to catch this. )

If I vent to someone other then another empath I am considered weird and outdated. You just do not get it and your attitude will hold back progress. No my attitude will not. I love the internet for educational purposes however the majority of the people waste there time on games with out any higher goal. Other then just getting rid of time. Once again Google the Nag Hammadi Library and open your mind. You cannot tell me you are bored and there is nothing to do.

Lately my nerves have been on fire and my endocrine system has been going insane. It creates a lot of pain behind the ears and in the skull. I figure this has to do with maybe living in the wrong climate, increased pollution, and electrical pollution everywhere.

I have been doing a lot of research lately into the power of sound. I am only sharing this personal side of myself because maybe there are other people on this Universe that understand but cannot explain the feelings of jail and being trapped. I cannot just escape out to the country because power lines run across the fields. Good luck escaping to the ocean wi-fi channels are being put under my local Puget sound for boat communication. If you speak out against things like this you get shut down very quickly in fact other people who do not mind the progression will do all they can to ridicule you and make you feel out dated. This treatment makes me want to leave my Galaxy for a much purer place. In this place I am an outcast.

The Experiment

Listen to music and only music for a month that is set at 432 hz. This means controlling what I listen to all the time. Impossible you say? I say it is not. All you have to do is You Tube 432 hz music and do not watch any T.V. or listen to any regular radio for a month. Talk radio should be okay as long as you turn the radio on mute during commercials.

The Goal

  • Take down pain with sound
  • Enhance the function of DMT production and the third eye
  • Enhance memory
  • Heal the nervous system
  • Calm down my own anger

I believe music is a very powerful healing tool. If you do not believe me listen to this track and close your eyes. I promise you will feel more grounded afterwards.