Step 2 Being Prepared: Your Body

“Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!”   ―     Steve Maraboli,

When people associate being prepared with the body they think medical degree, first aid kit, disease, and injury. (those are important too!) There are many videos on that in other places with people much more qualified then myself…..I am here to talk to you about…

Obesity and Being out of Shape

 What does that have to do with Prepping? Everything! You cannot walk or run very far at all if you are not in shape to do so!

1. Strip naked in front of a full length mirror and give your body a good look over with your eyes. What do you see? Do you see a stomach that hangs or is it flat with a bit of definition? Do you see a butt that go past the back of your legs? Or is it lined up fairly even with your back and legs?

2. Go for a half mile long fast walk. How do you feel afterwards? Are you a bit sore or winded?

Looking physically healthy does not make you in shape. You have to have some sort of endurance to survive. If you are in a prepping situation you have to imagine being in a nomadic situation.

If you have this part covered and you are both of these things well then keep it up! I am not # 2. I have accomplished #1.

How did I go down from a size 24 to a size 5? (yes one day there will be epic photographs all in time dear readers all in time! My camera needs fixed..XD) I am not going to make this longer then it needs to be this is the in your face no bullshit way to get results. If I can give up Ice cream and Grilled burgers you can as well. I am not any better or more qualified then you are.

1. Read Everything

Does that package contain BPA? Can you understand every ingredient on the back of it? I found buying organic packaged food was just to expensive and with some simple Googling I can find a recipe for whatever the store wants to cook and package for me. Cooking allows me to be self sufficient. I can cook better then that person or machine at that factory and it is an insult to my own skills to believe different! It took years to realize how badly I was insulting myself through the lies of convenience. If you cannot pronounce it or list off what that ingredient is from the top of your head that very second. Don’t buy it. Example: Curry, Spice. Spice is not a meaning. In fact the word spice is another word for MSG. Curry is an actual spice. Spice is not specific. It is not telling me what Spice they used. That kind of labeling allows words to be thrown around without any real meaning behind it. Do not let these corporations fool you. You have the potential learn therefore you are not an idiot. Do not let them to continue to undermine your brain power.

2. Give up GMOS

Independent films such as Food Inc explain GMOS and how they effect you. A GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism. You take a gene of lets say a spider and add it to a cow. Why? To create a different type of milk. Monsanto owns the FDA. Basically Monsanto is telling you through the FDA the food is safe. So you keep supporting them and they gain your money. See how that works? You are the guinea pigs in the system because there is not concrete evidence to prove whether GMOS are harmful or not harmful. However ask any farmer they are going to tell you they have a health condition. Google: Farmers and Kidney Disease As you can see $$$ are the real issue behind GMOS. Look for the GMO Free label on your food and Fresh Produce that is safe contains a #9 in the PLU. To be extra safe simply buy organic from a farmer near you. Such as a co-op. If you do not have options such as those of you living in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, etc you need to create your own. If you do enough writing to your politicians and city council members they will listen. As I said before $$$ speak.

3. Give up the Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances known to man even more addictive then crack or heroine. I watched a family member die slowly to diabetes and lets just say before he died he couldn’t move nor see anything. Sugar is not your friend. Replace a sugar craving with dark chocolate, juicing, or raw honey.

4. Say No

Tell everyone NO who offers you food that is anything but pure and safe. Including your kids or parents. I don’t care who it is explain to them you are working on your health. If someone argues against that or appears to be offended it is no longer your problem. The issue is within themselves and they are either to undisciplined to do such a thing, ignorant in believing the food is safe, or they do not see it as an issue. There are those people that look skinny and perfectly fine that binge on BK and Subway weekly. I think all of us can say we know someone like that. That is the one person you are probably going to hear it from…

5. Go Veggie…

Oh that dreaded subject Vegans and Vegetarians! I know I am asking you to give up your beef and replace it with hemp protein. Look up hemp protein. I lost a lot of weight giving up GMOs themselves while eating meat (80 pounds) however I feel better not eating it. Meat is not the highest form of protein so there is no logical reason to put a substance that causes inflammation into my body when the goal is to reduce inflammation. Your wallet will say Thanks!

I have told you what you need to do now its time for you to do your own research so you can obtain clean, pure, healthy food. No I did not do some crazy work out plan I simply walked everywhere instead of choosing to drive or take public transport.

TOTAL WEIGHTLOSS TO DATE: 125 pounds since mid 2012

The endurance part I am working on. Instead of taking the usual route on my walks I fill up my back pack and take the hilly longer route. I have also added push ups, sit ups, etc into the week. Endurance is one of those things you plan yourself based off of what you can handle. Personally I believe in self pacing and motivation. If this is difficult consulting a trainer or an active friend may not be a bad idea!

Steps 2 and 3 are the cheapest steps. Being prepared and tomorrow’s post mental health. No you do not need to be spending thousands of dollars on help to create mental clarity!