Spanking- It creates instant Results…

We speak about spanking all the time and often we spank because it is all we know. However we do not speak about the Non Aggression principle. This is because 90 percent of parents spank. Meaning the chances were pretty great that you were disciplined by spanking as well. However is it okay to continue to do what we were taught to do by our parents? Is a parent correct when they choose to spank and is it morally ethical to do so? That is a question you must ask yourself whether you have children or not. Today we know that fetal development is everything when it comes to shaping the personality. In fact most of the child’s personality is set up for adulthood by the age of 5. Spanking is no longer a Liberal issue or Republican issue. It is an issue that is kept so quiet now. Please do not respond without watching this video. Is it okay to just do what we were taught without thinking about it? No. Adults can be wrong also which means there is a huge possibility your parents could have been wrong as well. Does it make someone bad if they spank? No it does not. Is it wrong to spank? That is YOUR choice. The only laws protecting children from spanking are: Ten spanks or less is not abuse. You cannot leave a mark. So can I walk up to an adult and spank them when I see them littering? That is okay correct?






Peacefully dealing with GMOS

As they should be people are waking up all over the world angry about the GMO topic.

 People who are for GMOs are angry because they are being told they are hurting people because they are farmers that use Round up themselves, are related to someone that grows this corn, friends with them, or they are in denial that the food they love is making them sick.

The people that are against GMOs are angry that they woke up one morning to the news a loved one has cancer, kidney failure, or they lost a baby due to a miscarriage. Maybe this is a personal issue to you because YOU yourself woke up to some kind of horrific news about your own health. When you found out that disease has occurred you probably did some research into what caused it. Maybe you found out your food is a huge part of the problem.

I did and I went organic. No I am not a money making spokesperson here. I am not an organic farmer nor a farmer of any sort. I simply have to eat food to exist like you do. No I do not make money on my blog through advertisers. I do not have any advertisers. This blog is my peaceful way to get a message out to whoever wants to take the time to listen.

I do not mind taking the time out to have a discussion about food no matter what side of the debate you are on. I learn something all the time from people who are for GMO food production.


  • Education- This is the first and most logical step. Less Opinion and more Fact from both sides are needed. Unfortunately we are seeing facts and opinions from both sides of the spectrum from those who wish to gain profit. Wherever money is involved deceit is happening. You are going to be told one thing is better for you then another thing because the business owner wants YOUR money in HIS/HER pocket. They have families to feed and houses/mansions to pay for as well just like you have or wish to have.
  • Action- No matter what side of the issue you are on chances are you PAY for food. The only action I will ever take is the one called purchasing power. Your dollar has power. If you Like GMOs and you do not mind the “Fear Mongering” from those who are against GMOs purchase whatever product you want. The Oreos and Doritos are still on the shelf.  There are other products that are organic on the shelf as well. I do not even recommend protesting. When I first heard about protesting I was somewhat for the idea because I figured it would make people aware. Protests are getting violent all over the world and the military and police are getting involved. This causes INNOCENT people on either side of the spectrum to get hurt. Yes I say innocent on both sides because both sides think they are correct. Whether they actually are is a different opinion. I would not want to be physically or mentally attacked because I say Organic food is better. Because I do not want to be attacked I do not wish to see anyone for GMOs be attacked or even the owners or farmers of Monsanto to have the same done to them. To do that takes away personal freedom. We all have a divine rule to follow THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE. If you have an issue against GMOs its simple purchase everything Organic. If people buy more organic food then processed guess what? The food filled with GMOs will leave the shelves!!!!!!!!
  • Conversations- Lets look at the cannabis debate. Through simple conversations we have seen reform and legalization across the United States. Through simple conversations we can knock down the walls that separate us on both sides. Genetic Engineering has happened for hundreds of years and we have created stronger species of plants through cross breeding them. Those of us against GMOs do not like spider genes mixed with lets say a goat. Feeding the world is something both sides of the issue can agree on.  Conversations from both sides are needed to come up with a REAL solution. Obviously the population has grown however it is obvious starvation is still a problem even though Monsanto owns the FDA.  Both sides need to come together.

Like I said as people find out what is going on they are going to be angry on either side. What we have to ask ourselves is what kind of world do we want to have.

I wish to have a peaceful world and one that is safe. Not one of violence. I am sick and tired literally of global suffering.

Growing a garden is another big step. If you wish to have safe food grow it yourself and continue to talk to others. However going to the street to protest will only make you look like an extremist and people will not take your opinion as seriously.

If you go 100 percent organic and you drop a lot of weight you will find out that others will listen to you. You PROVED through ACTION that organic food is better and safer. If I had an opinion that was for the Genetically Engineering of food I would not listen to an obese person screaming in the street that the food is killing everyone. I really would not be able to take that seriously. I want to hear that organic food is safe from people who are already walking the walk and seeing results. I would not want to waste my time talking with someone who is attention seeking. If you are serious about the food your body and your energy levels will be proof enough. Words will not be needed. In fact others will be asking How are you so healthy?

Just like I cannot take a doctor who is Obese seriously.

Yes I will use words like ignorant and retarded. I believe that anyone who eats food without taking a minute to think about what is in it before eating is ignorant. It is not an insult because someone who is ignorant has the ABILITY TO CHANGE. I believe people who refuse to learn are retarded because it makes them INEFFECTIVE. THAT IS MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not confuse my opinion with fact.

( DISCLAIMER**** Retarded is different from being mentally challenged. I do not even like saying the mentally challenged are retarded because they are NOT ineffective.  They are not retarded. Some may assume I am referring to the mentally challenged by using that word. Please do not confuse the wording and look up the definition of retarded. There are several definitions. The mentally challenged can be effective people in fact there are thousands of effective people with a mental disability. )

Yes I will use the word stupid as well and maybe a few other less stronger swear words. Like you do I get frustrated at certain news stories I hear or opinions others have. Maybe I should not say stronger words and leave it Politically Correct. I am not looking for Politically Correct or making every person happy. I was not thrown into this fake world of abundant happiness that is shown on T.V. I was born into a world with real problems that involve war, genocide, starvation, and pollution. The children and animals of this planet did not do anything wrong. It is for them I blog for not for your personal comfort. If you need personal comfort call your mommy or grab a blanket curl up with ice cream and watch your reality T.V. show on the couch. This is the wrong blog for you if you like comfort!








What do things really cost you?

If you are an awakened individual meaning you understand your actions can effect people and species you do not even know then you would really be asking…

What are my things costing other people?

I have been asking myself this for a long time and as hard as it may sound it is possible to divert your brain away from mainstream shopping.

Why should I do this?

Because of this video…


How do I stop this Situation?
Shop at Consignment shops
Go to Yard sales
Trade clothes and Furniture with friends and family
Shop at Antique stores
Google Organic companies
Buy from YOUR country aka Locally
Shop at Farmers Markets

Whenever you shop at a Name Brand store that is profit driven and not consciously driven you are saying I do not care about my fellow human being.

Please be a humane being and stop supporting human slavery and abuse.

Another daily Ponderation topic

This Seattle Seahawks stuff is some serious fluff. It does not make sense at all. We can get an ESTIMATED 500,000 people TOGETHER across the GLOBE for a PARADE in Seattle.

I am severely ashamed. Not for my country no. I love the idea of Freedom. PEOPLE make me ashamed. (ignore this if you do not care about football or this stupid event. This is not directed at every person in the world. So do not take it personally unless you are guilty.)

 This is what I despise. Obama said the approval of Congress no longer matters. AKA: YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS NO LONGER EXIST.

Hundreds of thousands of people can gather within a week to celebrate their foot ball gods but they cannot at least speak out in a large group PEACEFULLY regarding our rights.


Schools were called off!!!!!!!!

Football is more important then our education are you kidding me???

It will NOT feed you, Clothe you, shelter you, or give you love. It certainly will not help you sleep.

You have to learn to be independent children need LEARNING!


All people can do is praise and bow down to players.

What would happen if Jesus came down from wherever he comes from and saw that?

No there is no more redemption at least in my book. That is why there is a savior everyone is waiting for. This savior person would have to have the patience that only the DIVINE can contain to deal with this amount of stupidity.

In the meantime I am going to listen to some Art Bell or something while people do stupid things.

Go ahead tell me I am raining on your parade and crushing your freedom because I think YOUR parade is STUPID

Just like Santa is stupid

These players will never do anything for me personally.

Therefore I do not care. The water is being poisoned across America right now so I have better things to worry about.

This makes me Smarter then you…Maybe…..

A study came out according to the talk radio shows I listen to about people who listen to talk radio and read instead of listen to T.V. Apparently Scientists and Researchers discovered on average we are 20 percent more intelligent then the T.V. watchers.

I believe this is accurate because I am tired after listening to 8 hours of radio vs watching two movies. It does take a lot of brain power to produce images. T.V really hurts my third eye chakra. Literally. Its like someone taking a sledge hammer to my brain.

On the down side I feel like I am for sure going to die tomorrow of something

  • The Government is 40 years ahead of what we know in technology
  • UFO ships several hundred feet long are landing on the white house lawn
  • People who speak out on Art Bell’s show are randomly exploding in “car wrecks”. Or at least close to it. Luckily people now check their cars before jumping inside.
  • We are all fuked. Fukishima is leaking into the base ground because the core officially broke. Do not eat the Sushi and other sea food. Its poisonous.
  • Don’t drink water either without a filter. The radiation is probably in that too.
  • Doctors are now the new police. They can report your mental health condition to the local authorities. The federal government has also obtained our medical files.

It would be great if someone could debunk the radiation myths. On a blog reply and comment your reply below. On a good note I am more aware more inspired. However it leads to paranoia in my brain. No I do not lose sleep in fact I sleep extra well.

This body belongs to the earth anyway and I will reincarnate. Just hopefully to a less radioactive place where people are more humane instead of human. We should add the e to human but we do not deserve it. At least the majority of us do not. So far there has not been one generation smart enough to step up to the ignorance surrounding us and crush it for good.

The weather is saying the chances of that are slim. Get a bigger umbrella the shit is going to fall harder and we are headed into a storm.