Death by Vasoline

I am not even going to post the source of this story. I do not even want to know which association sold this woman’s horrific death to main stream media. The only reason would be for shock. To sum up what happened an Argetinian woman injected her breasts to enlarge them with vasolene at home. She was not trained to do this and if you understand human anatomy and basic medicine you would know what vasolene would do to the blood. Enough said right? No this is not copyrighting because I did not take away one statement directly from the article. With enough basic searching you can probably find the story if you do not believe me. The main article did not discuss the beauty crisis women face in their beliefs and that is why I am not sharing the original story. I think that is shameful.

For someone to feel the need to do this women are suffering on a massive scale. I am not sure where it started however I know where women shaving their legs started from. It was a Vogue ad in 1920 showing a woman in a sleeveless dress with shaved arm pits. Doing that showed that what makes a woman a woman as being gross. For some reason everyone thinks the physical beauty shows innocence. Apparently that is in. Innocence is not in the face or the clothes. Innocence lies in the heart and no amount of make up or shaving will create innocence for you. It also perverts the male mind into slowly believing having sex with a younger and younger crowd is okay. Women you wonder why your daughters end up on the news as a rape case when you advertise shaving your crotch. Men and Women listen up. You receive pubic hair for a reason it separates you from being a child. There is nothing shameful or disgusting about hair on the human body. So therefore we are creating our own perversion and downfall by viewing the body in a permanent childlike state. The sad thing is you all eat it up every time you shave your hair completely off.

I went off on shaving as a concept because things that seem minor like that lead to breast implants. This lady obviously felt ashamed of how she was originally created or something. Something about her body in her mind was wrong and it was not a healthy belief. She is not the only one millions of women kill themselves every day inside by the perception of what society is saying is beautiful. People are not born believing they are ugly in fact they know nothing of ugly or beauty. Society creates that demon that exists in most of us at one point or another.

Now men are shaving their chest and testicles…..

Will a Creator even take the time to save any of us? We are ashamed of what we were given and what happens to us as we mature. Somehow the idea of immortality leaves us in a death like state.


What do things really cost you?

If you are an awakened individual meaning you understand your actions can effect people and species you do not even know then you would really be asking…

What are my things costing other people?

I have been asking myself this for a long time and as hard as it may sound it is possible to divert your brain away from mainstream shopping.

Why should I do this?

Because of this video…


How do I stop this Situation?
Shop at Consignment shops
Go to Yard sales
Trade clothes and Furniture with friends and family
Shop at Antique stores
Google Organic companies
Buy from YOUR country aka Locally
Shop at Farmers Markets

Whenever you shop at a Name Brand store that is profit driven and not consciously driven you are saying I do not care about my fellow human being.

Please be a humane being and stop supporting human slavery and abuse.