Spanking- It creates instant Results…

We speak about spanking all the time and often we spank because it is all we know. However we do not speak about the Non Aggression principle. This is because 90 percent of parents spank. Meaning the chances were pretty great that you were disciplined by spanking as well. However is it okay to continue to do what we were taught to do by our parents? Is a parent correct when they choose to spank and is it morally ethical to do so? That is a question you must ask yourself whether you have children or not. Today we know that fetal development is everything when it comes to shaping the personality. In fact most of the child’s personality is set up for adulthood by the age of 5. Spanking is no longer a Liberal issue or Republican issue. It is an issue that is kept so quiet now. Please do not respond without watching this video. Is it okay to just do what we were taught without thinking about it? No. Adults can be wrong also which means there is a huge possibility your parents could have been wrong as well. Does it make someone bad if they spank? No it does not. Is it wrong to spank? That is YOUR choice. The only laws protecting children from spanking are: Ten spanks or less is not abuse. You cannot leave a mark. So can I walk up to an adult and spank them when I see them littering? That is okay correct?






Eleven Steps…

To a Peaceful world

  1. Your Religion is not the only one and we are learning more about ancient history today. I know that you might believe your religion is 100 percent correct whatever it is but what if that one piece of evidence shows everything everyone knows is wrong? Understand that what you believe to be truth is only YOUR truth and the truth of others like you. You need to be open to the idea that yours could possibly have error within it so that way your mind is open to listen to others of a different Religion! Within every Religion contains a different way to view life. I am sure you can at least view a few things in your own life differently or be open to that possibility whether its as simple as how you eat, dress, or view yourself. I am sure everyone can improve on something even you because not one of us is perfect!
  2. Accept you because we have enough of the same in this world. We need new ideas and community planning. We need new ways to thrive even if it means failure to certain aspects. We tried something new with Industrialization and obviously it has failed. We need something newer an update of sorts. Your creativity will help the rest of humanity live a better life. Even if the world does not know who you are.
  3. Fear leads to hate and avoidance. Look we have all been scared as a world since way before 9/11. 9/11 really put a shock into those of us who are younger who were born in the 80s and 90s to those of you older it probably did not surprise you as much to see a tragedy. On 9/11 I was in Catholic School a Sophomore. I knew nothing about the Muslim faith. I knew the faith existed and they dressed differently. I did not understand the differences or why. Because 9/11 happened I began opening my mind and embracing other faiths and cultures. I learned about the horror war can cause and I learned that supporting my country does not mean time under the military it means loving other people no matter who they are or where I go. It means growing food in an organic way and keeping my planet clean so all human and animal life is respected. 9/11 showed me the flaws of what seemed to be a good way of life at the time. It opened my eyes to knew ideas and the problems we face. It opened my eyes to how little I actually know and understand about war and poverty.
  4. Educate yourself. For some reason most of the people I personally know in America do not do a lot of education beyond college. That is if people go to college now. My parents generation could afford education but my generation is in a lot of debt and most of us have realized that college does not guarantee work. On a good note we have the internet and library as almost free resources. No matter where you are at in life you can find a library. If you can read this right now you have the ability to learn something every day. So learn one new idea a day even if that is all you can do. That way you are not afraid. In fact click the link tab above this screen and open this link It is really one of probably millions that contains random information and facts.
  5. Understand Race If you are Native American my heart really does go out to you. You are the one Race of people within the United States that has yet to gain any rights back from what you have lost. Sure you can speak and try to stand up for the planet but you are not being heard very loudly by mainstream media. It really breaks my heart. To every race the issues we have faced and continue to face including Caucasians is huge. The issues of separation do not lie within the human heart. Every human wishes to be accepted naturally by everyone. The issues lie through separation of language, boarders, laws, music, living style , and beliefs. Which leads to fear because we fear what we do not understand or know.  Because every race is shown a different music or a different culture we stick with that with the fear of learning something new or hearing it. We are afraid it will slap the creator in the face that we personally believe in. Or that we will not truly be that race or the way we were born if we experience something new. The reason why every race is shown something different is because each type of people has created there own system of living from where they originated from. Your culture from a hot climate is going to be different from a culture of a cold climate. Do you see? Go back to your roots no matter what race you are because your roots are unique. Go back through your history and you will learn that every race has oppressed their own and it continues to this day. We continue to oppress each other and there is not a good reason for it other then fear and misunderstanding. Once you understand the true history of your own race you need to go back through the history of every other race on this earth and learn it. That way there is no more room for fear and blame of oppression. If you oppress out of race you become the oppressor. Does that make sense? Do not hate the same race that oppresses you. They fear something to be so cruel. Personally I feel sad for those that fear people of another race especially in the year 2014. We should be ready to embrace life from another Galaxy by now. We cannot do that at all if we cannot embrace all life on our own planet!
  6. Eating Look being vegetarian is not a religious issue or belief issue it is a create a better planet issue. No just because I am vegan and you are a meat eater does not make me better then you and you are not better then me. We are losing acres upon acres of trees that are hundreds of years older then you! It is not fair and we need fresh oxygen on this planet to thrive! Please stop eating meat or at least agree to consume less. Can you agree to a meatless Monday and a Meatless Friday? Come on Catholics I used to be Catholic you give meat up for lent anyway on Friday!
  7. The Elderly. This week take the time out to talk to someone older then you. Not every older face you see is a person with dementia! The elderly are often left forgotten because they are not the models we often see on the cover of Vogue. They are not what you see in a healthy advertisement. You can see a “healthy” older person clapping their hands or going for a walk in a drug commercial but how many advertisements do you see directed towards the elderly to enhance their health?….cricket… going to be waiting long time for an answer if your media consists of regular T.V. No Viagra does not count! Neither do the insulin advertisements! These are people that know a lot more then you and have a lot to say. In fact their words often contain unwritten history and advice. I believe if you are younger you can learn something from someone older then you. So while you are in the grocery line say hi to that elderly man or woman behind you and ask them for random life advice. I can guarantee they will walk away feeling listened to and a little more better then what they did when they woke up this morning!
  8. The Younger people need to be listened to by the elderly. Despite how much make up or tattoos we carry we are not bad people. Time changed and the younger crowd expresses themselves in different ways. I know it is not exactly what we were born with but it is what was embraced. However we do have a drive to listen and learn and we do not want to be judged or put down. If you are older just like we need to talk with you more you need to talk with us more. Say hi to us at the store or randomly give us advice for our lives. Especially if you do notice something wrong. Quit shoving your parents in nursing homes. I hope your mom and dad wiped your rear while you were small. If they did it is now time to wipe theirs if they can no longer do so! It is called Karma baby! One day you will be older too…..
  9. Giving up one toxic thing this year may not make a world of difference but it can create a different and better you. If you drink to much or eat to much. Whatever it is you do to much its toxic. Did you watch to much Football this fall? Yes? Instead of watching Football this fall like you have every fall take the 6 hours and put it into a fall walk with the family or reading. Something other then the T.V! Keep in mind you can read the score for free on news sites. You don’t have to watch the game to be in the know!
  10. Love is the best and most important thing you can do today to make a difference. Even when you are mad do not get angry. Understand the reason why you are angry at something and see what you can change about it. Love is just that it is love. It has nothing to do with sex. It is simply looking into the eyes of another living creature and seeing that soul. Love is seeing the best in someone even if it is not apparent to you or them anyway. See the best in even your worst enemy even if we are at war.
  11. Be honest. Being honest to not only yourself and others in everything that you do will save you from further pain. So tell the truth and never make a bed you cannot get out of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are eleven steps to a better you and world. If you can pick even just one of these ten things and do them consistently you will make a difference. It might not be obvious to you but it will have an impact greater then you will ever understand!  Thanks for reading this and participating!

Who is your Handler ???

Family Guy?

It seems wherever I go someone is watching this show at a library, on a ferry, bus, in their home, or walking down the street. Yes walking down the street.  I  saw a bus with a picture of a woman crossing a road texting not looking up and it was warning drivers to be aware of texting and walking. An ignorant society has been created: people are now texting while crossing the road and getting hit….

Some people think things like this are funny. They actually laugh at the pain of others first before asking if they are okay. Other people stand around to prevent the awkwardness of a potentially bad situation. Then you have another group who will simply dial 911 and wait for the professionals. People now just freeze and stare as if life itself is a T.V. show playing out in front of them. Why wouldn’t it be though? Blood, guts, murder, and rape are the new funny and the new excitement.

Have you ever asked a Stranger what their story is? Try it sometime. Usually you will hear a story start out that they grew up in a Christian family but someone raped and molested them. This is the norm today in American society. One out of Three women have been raped. All the teenagers you see walking down the street have either been or will be a future victim. One out of Three report a rape case. How many go unreported? How many people are molested a year that do not report it? Come to think of it…I have never heard one person say they have never been sexually taken advantage of in some way. Some of todays adults had a great childhood and it was another adult that hurt them! I cannot believe there are still adults taking advantage of other people! Adult what? I do not know.  Someone who does these things is certainly unhuman…or unhumane

So now I am asking myself: What is causing this Numbness? What is causing this to be the new normal? What is causing humans to stop being human? Why are we turning into monsters and losing our humanity?

The answer comes from the television or the ownership of the idiot box. It is really like the television owns people these days. All they do is go to their stupid pointless jobs and come home face book something about their children and then turn on the slave master box. Yes the T.V is your master and you are its slave and the idiot for becoming the slave.

Oh not you? You do not do this! Great pass this on to someone that is doing it this very second. You probably have a husband, wife, child, cousin that is currently watching something retarded somewhere or has a program they are addicted to. That is why it is called a program it is MIND programming. HA! HA! HA! Get it?? I made a funny!

Wait! That was not funny was it…oh that is only funny in shows like Family Guy.

I can now take a serious issue like rape or murder add some blood and guts to a cartoon character make the situation look hilarious and suddenly everyone laughs. I can become a billionaire within six months on everyone else’s pain! How awesome is that? Yeah rape is looking sexy through bondage jokes and murder looks funny through a cartoon character getting beat by a stick or hit by a car….

We have just taken a type of pain most of you carry and made it hilarious. This helps numb your own inner pain because now it becomes funny to you. You can now think of the rape or molestation that happened to you or whatever the case may be and think of a cartoon character.

This technique was designed by the Nazi’s to control the masses. It is called MK Ultra Programming. Yes the torture of humans is supposed to be illegal and I am sure celebrities willingly shave their head because it is the new style…not because a handler is really putting electrical probes on their head and electrocuting them until they feel almost dead.

Then they leave the body and they call it the Monarch butterfly and they float above the body. While this happens the person is out of the body and cannot control what is going onto the physical so the handler can literally create a second person. Sometimes the Handler will torture that individual. Other times it is someone else like a psychiatrist.  This is why you have disorders such as Split Personality Disorder.

This is okay in fact they drug the victims so they do not even remember this happened to them. Often times this training starts before the age of six. The person will  only wake up and see the Handler who is then freeing them from the torture they just caused. Making the victim believe that the Handler is good and is protecting them. No matter who dues the torturing the Handler or whoever it is that person is met to trust for life will appear as the rescuer….to create unlimited open free trust between the two.

This allows manipulation from anywhere at any point. That victim does not want to let that person down who saved them. So they will do whatever they say anything to not lose that relationship with them.

The T.V. is like that performers handler in your life. It takes the pain that you or someone close to you experienced and plays it back to you in a way that is exciting or funny.

If you have never experienced pain in your own life then the idea of causing pain might become funny to you. Everyone else laughs when Brian the Dog gets hit by a car. So maybe it is funny in real life. What happens when we take a 6 year old child and they watch only the T.V. while the parents are at work all day? One day that six year old is now sixteen learning to drive. The zombie shows, the cartoons, the guns, the rape and other nasty things are now funny. If I do this I will be popular and cool because everyone laughs!

I have heard everyone loves a dirty joke.

You are under the joke if you pay for cable. They call it a contract for a reason. It binds you to the T.V.  A contract means a bind or a bond. You pay for it every month missing out on other things during the year such as a vacation. That will later cause resentment and pain within the family because you chose an electronic device over a sibling, a mom, dad, child, cousin, aunt, uncle or maybe your best friend like your very husband or wife. As those relationships weaken you will cling harder to someone else’s reality as well as someone else’s humor in pain.

After all you have lost everything that was real. So now I must ask you WHO IS YOUR HANDLER?

I laugh at this: You call this a Christian Nation. You pray and go to church but stuff like this makes the ratings????
Websites such as this one should make the ratings

My Rebuttle.. I Look Down on Young Women who Have kids

To really understand where this blog is going you need to read this blog called I look down on Young Women Who have kids by Amy Glass. I have posted Amy’s words in bold. My words are Italic.

Every time I hear someone say that feminism is about validating every choice a woman makes I have to fight back vomit.

You are right the Feminism movement is everywhere and every choice you make does validate you as a young woman. Women have the right to look elegant and attractive at the same time or simply look like a two cent hooker. Just appreciate your right to vote and own land. Those were the two main purposes of the feminist movement. So I really do not see the point in this feminism movement that keeps going on in the United States. I am a female and I do not feel like my rights are unequal to a males rights.

Do people really think that a stay at home mom is really on equal footing with a woman who works and takes care of herself? There’s no way those two things are the same. It’s hard for me to believe it’s not just verbally placating these people so they don’t get in trouble with the mommy bloggers.

Why should a married person who cannot have kids be a good slave to the system? I do not have kids and I am my own boss at home. Yes some people can work at home without kids. I will admit some days I work in pajama pants and a hoodie. It is winter time. Oh I cook at home from scratch. I am sorry I do not look pretty every day but turmeric stains everything! What makes me sorry is you are concerned about the looks of women instead of what they do with their time at home.

Having kids and getting married are considered life milestones. We have baby showers and wedding parties as if it’s a huge accomplishment and cause for celebration to be able to get knocked up or find someone to walk down the aisle with. These aren’t accomplishments, they are actually super easy tasks, literally anyone can do them. They are the most common thing, ever, in the history of the world. They are, by definition, average. And here’s the thing, why on earth are we settling for average?

Once again you are right before I knew I could not have children I did the whole get married thing. Anyone can do it especially at a courthouse. Making it work is the accomplishment. It is a gigantic accomplishment if you stay married to one person until the day you die. It is even more of an accomplishment to raise successful kids that are not spoiled and ignorant. If you can keep your children away from violence, horrible music, and porn your doing it right. If your child graduates high school and pursues their own dreams you did something right.

If women can do anything, why are we still content with applauding them for doing nothing?

I want to have a shower for a woman when she backpacks on her own through Asia, gets a promotion, or lands a dream job not when she stays inside the box and does the house and kids thing which is the path of least resistance. The dominate cultural voice will tell you these are things you can do with a husband and kids, but as I’ve written before, that’s a lie. It’s just not reality.

Apparently you do not read other people’s blogs that much do you? There are parents who do awesome trips with their kids because they do this little thing called homeschool. Traveling the world with the kids becomes a history, science, religion, culture, and art class in one day! I feel bad for parents that depend on the public school system. They spend a lot of time at a hard working job instead of living life with the kids.

You will never have the time, energy, freedom or mobility to be exceptional if you have a husband and kids.

I hear women talk about how “hard” it is to raise kids and manage a household all the time. I never hear men talk about this. It’s because women secretly like to talk about how hard managing a household is so they don’t have to explain their lack of real accomplishments. Men don’t care to “manage a household.” They aren’t conditioned to think stupid things like that are “important.”

You do not understand Chivalry do you? Plato wrote about Atlantis and how the men would spend many years building a home for there future wife by hand. Men during this time prepared to be with a woman one day. It was considered an insult to a mans character if he did not build a house by the time he met this lady. A man that could not accomplish this was considered lazy and ignorant. Usually they were sent to a slave camp. They were smart back then they understood a man that is not prepared for anything will certainly not be prepared to handle life with another person. Women are expected to take care of the home the man built for them by hand. There is nothing wrong with keeping your home clean. In fact this day in age it is an accomplishment. Maybe you should You Tube Hoarders. I cannot imagine the messiness of your home Amy if you feel that taking care of a home is not important.

Women will be equal with men when we stop demanding that it be considered equally important to do housework and real work. They are not equal. Doing laundry will never be as important as being a doctor or an engineer or building a business. This word play is holding us back.

This brings me back to the first part the feminist movement. We are all created equal I really hope you do not live in the United States because that is the foundation of our rights. You obviously do not support the rights of the people if you do not believe that we were all created equally. Please get off this planet. There are private space flights you can sign up for. Since you most likely carry one of these titles I bet you can afford to do so.
Doctors promote medications and gain an income whenever they sell you a new one that came out. Lawyers can be manipulative to win a case. Sure if you like selling out the health of a sick person to gain a bonus be a doctor. I heard herbologists are in…….a title is not everything.

Firing Squads would they do it again?

In case you have not heard the European Union has banned the making of the lethal injection drug pentobarbital. Pentobarbital was considered inhumane when it was given to a Missouri convict. It caused him to gasp during his lethal injection for rape and murder. So what do we do with all the people who are just sitting in the death penalty zone?

Missouri and Wyoming are both considering using firing squads if the ban on this drug continues.  The firing squad will consist of five officers chosen by the state department of corrections officer. Wyoming said that they will begin using the fire squad because it is the cheapest form of execution for the state. It would also quickly free up the costs of tax payers that death row inmates cost.

How do you feel about this? Do you feel it is more humane to die by a firing squad? Do you think the crime rates would slow down if people knew they could be executed this way? Do you believe this is a good idea? Should execution be outlawed?

Call me evil however Atlantians had it right. They had a location called Hellion where they would send the most ignorant and the worst of society to mine and create goods for the rest of the citizens. This freed up the work of the people that were educated and could follow basic laws. When you hear about hell it came from the place called Hellion. It is a location away from mainstream society in Atlantis. The theory was to separate the ignorant and violent citizens away from the peaceful and intelliegent citizens. The government at the time was afraid that one bad apple would ruin the rest. This is very true.

We are also supposed to treat others the way we would want to be treated including our enemies. So how is it okay to execute people? I am not okay with generalized slavery. However putting someone out of their misery is an easy solution for the convict. The U.N. should take an already polluted continent and move all the people who are not criminals and are intelligent off of it. Secure the island then move all of the ignorant violent onto it where they can make the goods for everyone else. This would allow the working class to actually not have to work. Every day goods would be next to free because you would not have to pay for labor costs. Only transportation. This would free time for families and citizens would have time to work out and educate themselves. Think of how much time it costs you in other things to sit behind a desk from 9-5 or in a factory?

Of course this island would have to contain a school for relearning on how to be a productive peaceful member to society. What if a 18 year old commits a crime? What if that child came from a bad home and that is all he or she knew? It is not fair to just execute someone who only has a violent past. It is not that persons fault if they do not understand compassion. This is why I feel execution is unfair. I only heard of the crime that person committed and who the victims were. I do not hear about the crimes that were committed against that criminal in the past or how their childhood was. Sometimes a person cannot take a bad life anymore so they figure they will just do bad things because they have not received any love in their life. If that person still does not understand how to live in a generalized population then they can remain a slave until they die. Do I believe slaves have to be treated brutally? No. I am not encouraging the ancient forms of slavery. I am encouraging a peaceful separation without execution and a second chance at redemption.

It is a new way to view things  based off of some ancient philosophical concepts that are no longer used. Slavery itself is not bad it is the way that slaves are treated that can be. In this type of society slavery would be a choice. You have the choice to be a good educated person or work for those who wish to be able to learn.

This is just my opinion and I highly doubt it will change the world. World leaders have more important things to do then read my blog.