My deep thoughts of the evening….

You say you do not love money but you still rent or pay a mortgage…

How strong is your faith? Oh its not in the physical hand so therefore it is not real. Money fills the physical hand…everything else runs through it…air….you cant hold it. Food…it will melt, crumble or rot. Water you can freeze it and hold it but the glove costs money. Try to hold that water without the glove….it will run out of your hand as well.

Everything you PHYSICALLY  NEED cannot be held in your hand…..

Think about that for a second…then ask yourself

  • What shape is faith?
  • What does faith taste like?
  • What does faith smell like?
  • How does faith feel on your skin?

You cannot even hold onto a human hand forever….eventually it would sweat and the skin would decompose in your very hand……..


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