Spanking- It creates instant Results…

We speak about spanking all the time and often we spank because it is all we know. However we do not speak about the Non Aggression principle. This is because 90 percent of parents spank. Meaning the chances were pretty great that you were disciplined by spanking as well. However is it okay to continue to do what we were taught to do by our parents? Is a parent correct when they choose to spank and is it morally ethical to do so? That is a question you must ask yourself whether you have children or not. Today we know that fetal development is everything when it comes to shaping the personality. In fact most of the child’s personality is set up for adulthood by the age of 5. Spanking is no longer a Liberal issue or Republican issue. It is an issue that is kept so quiet now. Please do not respond without watching this video. Is it okay to just do what we were taught without thinking about it? No. Adults can be wrong also which means there is a huge possibility your parents could have been wrong as well. Does it make someone bad if they spank? No it does not. Is it wrong to spank? That is YOUR choice. The only laws protecting children from spanking are: Ten spanks or less is not abuse. You cannot leave a mark. So can I walk up to an adult and spank them when I see them littering? That is okay correct?






Please Come to the Front…

If you believe the earth is over crowded well you are a person living on this earth. Can you be the first person to step up to dispose yourself of this over crowded place? Oh no? You do not like that idea? Oh everyone else is over populating the planet I see how it is.

-The idea going around that we are over populated is an IDEA it is not FACT. Meaning it is an Opinion presented as fact through propaganda.

Fact and Logic is telling me that we need to have a RESOURCE based ECONOMY. Meaning we only eat what is in season, we step away from money, and we work towards healing our land.

If you still feel like the earth is over populated…

Bill and Melinda Gates would love to assist you with your opinionated problem.




What is the difference between a Grenade and a can of coke?

What is the difference between a Grenade and a can of coke?

Watch this video and see for yourself……

What are you going to do about it? Will you pick up one more? Just one more… Or is it time to throw your soda you just bought into a wall and watch it explode?

While you suffer the maker of your insulin is basking on a beach or sitting in a mansion somewhere…..all off the blood you draw every time you poke yourself! Later on he or she will make a lot more off the leg you will lose. Give it a few more years and the mortician will also gain wealth from your choices.

Everyone makes a dime off you. People think I am kidding when I say humans are born with a price tag…..


Is Round up Safe?

Ask the Farmers around the globe how safe it is….

RT News did some digging and reports are coming from around the globe that innocent people are suffering from kidney disease.


The answer is No. Round up is not safe. Yes it does affect humans.


Shame will come upon every farmer who has sold out the future of this planet by choosing Monsanto’s corn over the corn the creator gave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is okay though it only leaked into all the ground water and wells because the farmers sold out your health and their own kids for the gold.


Watery thought of the day

Saying you love fresh water and being a meat eater is a false statement. You might as well be saying the opposite. This would be a better statement: I love antibiotics and sewage in my water. Another correct statement would be this one: I love droughts because one pound of my hamburger costs an innocent victim 1600 gallons of fresh water. That is how much fresh water a cow has to drink to gain one pound of muscle.

Can’t you see that if you love meat you hate fresh water? Please do not complain the next time your water is tainted because of a livestock run off. If you hate sewage in the water then you have to hate the meat that produces the sewage.

Species in the wild do not create a toxic sewage dump because the poop does not build in one location. That is where cattle and buffalo are different. However you love your steak….

Iranian Minister pleads with Obama to release……..AREA 51 COVER UP….

President Barack Obama, call the scientists. Open up Area 51 to the scientists to the world, because you America are the leader that Allah God has raised and made you powerful that he might make himself known through you,” Farrakhan said. “And if America calls the scientists of the earth to such place, they will respond.”-Louis Farrakhan Iranian Minister

This should have made mainstream news right???? Could every issue from the middle east be stemming from this? Click the link below to read more……I will not post more on this just read it you need to make your own educated opinion. I am just a messenger…..

Hug More

I am reading the book Quantum Touch and the Power to Heal by Richard Gordon. Personally I do not have a perfect working body as well as a lot of my family members and friends. Energy healing has fascinated me since well I learned that Jesus could do it in Sunday School. I have always wanted to know why others cannot do this when he walked around with his disciples teaching others to do this. Jesus is not the only healer of the past he is just one of the most popular healers.

I went to the Reiki/health section of the library and found this book. It is definitely worth the read so far. (BTW healing like Jesus is not impossible…at least according to this book modern people do this every day)

I am going to give you a quote out of it and then go on from there…

The Indians living in a “primitive” community in the Brazilian Jungle, were held constantly when they were young. As the children grew up, they exhibited no violent behavior.  In her two and one half years with this tribe she realized that children WILLINGLY OBEYED their elders, and that toddlers played PEACEFULLY together WITHOUT arguing or FIGHTING. Consider that in our “modern” society  it is still a common practice for babies to be separated from their mothers at birth due to medical intervention in maternity wards. These isolated babies hear nothing but the crying of other newborns. Away from the arms of their mothers, they cry themselves to sleep.


Now do you see the issue with the feminist movement? This is not a movement in fact it is a slaughter of the mother/child relationship. When I was working full time I would see the stress lined all over the faces of the mothers I worked with. This was at a nursing home facility and I can tell you right now any parent working in the medical field does not have their brain 100 percent on the job. Their brain is back at home. “Who is this person taking care of my child?” “Is my kid having a good day at school?”” Is my child sleeping good tonight?”  “The flu is going around is my baby sick?”  What makes me even more sad is when a child is actually sick and the mom is not able to leave her job to take care of her life. Often mothers have to make the decision between putting food in the mouth of their babies or separation.

During the settlement period of the United States children were raised very close to their mothers. Usually the father would have to travel long distances to find work or hunt. Depending on the situation the father would be gone for a few days to a few years especially in the time of war. Today a woman can pump out a screaming 8 pound baby then 2 months later pick up a gun and go to combat….Isn’t that disguising? All in the name of the feminist movement. While the men were at war it was common for a female to leave their children at school or with a family member while the mother worked.  Women in the work industry has only gotten larger over time.

Can’t you see Reader that the feminist movement has created separation between you and your child? The Government has put a price tag on your child while he or she is in school and later ends up in the Prison system.  If your child does not end up in the prison system there is a bigger price in keeping your child’s brain locked down on ADD medication or anti depressants. Whatever the consequences you and your family receives because both parents work away from home and strangers are raising the child the government gains thousands of dollars.

Besides both parents working in todays society a lot of new parents believe that leaving the baby alone to cry is a good thing to do. Parents have a natural fear that the child will never want to separate and this will create a clingy adult. This is a very Freudian concept and one that is horribly outdated and needs to be thrown out. I am not saying baby your child but do not leave your child with strangers all day long. Do not leave your baby screaming in another room a way from you. That baby is screaming for a reason something is wrong. That baby cannot talk and tell you what is wrong. You are only breaking the trust bond with the child by NOT being their when that baby needs you.  Trust is one thing that is hard for anyone to earn back and also the easiest thing to lose.

What worked for the Native Americans can work for a Modern day society and we really need to go back to the Earthly way of raising our kids. They are not material objects who run by gold coins.